Let’s talk about you for a second

As a teacher, selflessness can feel like part of the job description. But let’s take a moment to consider how travelling with EF can impact you—as an educator, as a leader of student travel experiences, and yes, as a person, too.

Enjoy world-class travel rewards

Start earning Rewards Points as soon as you start enrolling students! Then, redeem them after your first tour for incredible rewards ranging from educator-only Discovery Tours—in places like Croatia, Eastern Europe, and Mexico City—to student travel bursaries. Or, use points to travel with EF Go Ahead Tours and experience one of their unique itineraries.

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Learn to lead before you leave

Once enrolment is underway, first-time Group Leaders are welcomed to the EF family through our Orientation & Development Program. Whether you join us on an Experiential Training Tour (to destinations like Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon, or Montréal), attend a hands-on local workshop, or log on to watch a comprehensive webinar, every option in our EF Orientation & Development Program gives you the confidence to handle any situation on tour.

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Put on your future-thinking cap

While you’ll walk away from tour with many tangible rewards, the most important one is the life-changing impact you’ll make on your students. You’ll help them prepare for the future by helping them learn more about the world, themselves, and their place in the world. Plus, they just might get their first taste of authentic gelato. And that’s also truly life-changing.

One more thing

For every eight travellers you enrol, you get a free spot on tour. That means you can travel for free and bring along your dream team of chaperones. Oh, and you might suddenly become the most popular person in the teacher’s room.

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