Orientation & Development Program

When you find the perfect tour, you need to be perfectly prepared to lead it. Learn what it takes to successfully lead a student travel program and gain useful tips along the way from experienced Group Leaders, EF staff, and colleagues from across Canada who are as passionate about student travel as you. All our orientation and development programs cover on-the-ground safety and security, student engagement, tour logistics, and expectation setting for your travel team.

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Find your perfect training program

Training Tours

Alongside fellow educators, do some practical learning in places like Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon, or Montréal. Led by experienced Group Leaders and EF staff, you’ll share incredible cultural experiences and gain valuable insight into the unique dynamics of group travel. For Group Leaders only.

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Perfect for those looking for training a little closer to home. Participate in a full day of in-depth, interactive workshops and develop the practical skills and confidence to handle any situation on tour. Plus, learn some helpful tips from well-travelled Group Leaders. Chaperones are welcome to attend.

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Virtual training

Don’t leave the comfort of your home (or pajamas) but gain all of the important insights and logistical information you need to lead your tour through a live or pre-recorded information session conducted by EF staff. Better yet, invite your travel team—chaperones are welcome.In English only.

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Training that prepares you to lead

Everything you need to know about student travel. And then some.

EF tours Skill Development

Safety and security

Learn the details of EF’s safety and security policies and how they protect you.

EF tours Skill Development

Emergency training

Review potential emergency scenarios and how you’ll be supported by EF.

EF tours Skill Development

Learning abroad

Gain a deeper understanding of how to facilitate experiential learning in a global context.

EF tours Skill Development

Global awareness

Expand your own global awareness and improve cross-cultural understanding.

EF tours Skill Development

Your travel community

Discover the value of creating a tradition of travel in your school or community.

EF tours Skill Development

Travel team training

Define your role as a Group Leader and learn how best to work with your travel team.

Request to connect with a Global Education Ambassador

EF Global Education Ambassadors have tons of experience leading students on tour and are always excited to share their expertise with new Group Leaders like you. If you want to talk to a teacher from your area at any stage in the planning process, let us know and we’ll set up a meeting for you.