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Experience a tour
before you lead one

EF is committed to the continued professional development of our Group Leaders, and as part of this effort, we make it our priority to ensure that educators are fully prepared to lead educational tours by providing a mandatory safety training. During an EF training experience, new Group Leaders will have the chance to collaborate with their peers, while learning alongside experienced EF staff and world-class Tour Directors. The EF training experience covers a wide range of important topics all focused on supporting educators to lead safe, educationally impactful, and successful student trips.

What will I experience on an
Experiential Training Tour?

Experiential learning

This training tour is a simulation of what you’ll experience with your students on tour. Experiencing an EF tour first-hand will not only help prepare you to lead students, but will also foster your confidence as an educator and Group Leader.


Engage in thoughtful discussions with new and experienced Group Leaders as well as EF staff. Discover new ways of connecting
your tour to the curriculum—and bring your classroom to


Get insight into how to better engage your students through reflection exercises that connect on-tour learning with classroom lessons to encourage students’ personal growth through travel.

Building perspective

Group Leaders will build a richer understanding of what it means to lead a tour and gain a better perspective of a tour
experience from a student’s
point of view.

How do I qualify and
what’s the cost?

To qualify, you must be travelling on your first international (outside of North America) EF tour as a Group Leader with at least 15 paying participants enrolled. We strongly believe that this experience will prepare you for a fantastic first tour with us, so your spot is covered by EF.


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For more questions about Experiential Training Tours,
contact your Tour Consultant or
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