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    Chosen by our travelers, these tried-and-true favourites bring destinations to life through culturally immersive activities.

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    Discover our latest collection of tours, and you’ll see why these brand-new itineraries are the answer to the inevitable question: Where to next?

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  • D-Day: the 75th Anniversary

    Help students gain a new perspective on history, and their place in it, during D-Day’s 75th anniversary.

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  • STEM

    Show your students the importance of STEM through interactive itineraries and collaborations with scientists, engineers, and researchers.

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  • Custom-Designed Tours

    Create a custom experience for students and modify itineraries, align travel with studies or build from scratch.

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  • Service Learning

    Connect students with local communities through hands-on service, inspiring them to make a difference at home.

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  • Language Immersion Tours

    Improve students’ fluency through language and cultural immersion—from class instruction to hands-on activities.

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  • Global Leadership Summits

    These unique events combine educational tours with leadership conferences tackling significant global issues.

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  • Close to Home

    You don’t need to travel far to find rich culture and amazing sights in North America’s most exciting cities.

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