Welcome to EF’s Educational Hub! Refer to the map and the descriptions below to find your way around the Artois Expo. From collaborative art to unique challenges and interactive displays, there is something for every traveler to engage with as they develop new perspectives on Canadian history and identity.

Our educational partners

  1. WE
    Issues of the World
  2. Twenty One Toys and MaRS
    Empathy Experience
  3. Janet Ruest
    An Illustrated War
  4. We Matter
    We Matter Campaign
  5. Connie Wyatt Anderson
    Circle of Courage
  6. Rick Hansen Foundation School Program
    Accessibility: Then and Now
  7. Historica Canada
    Aboriginal Arts & Stories
  8. Invictus Games
    Invictus Games Toronto 2017: The I AM Challenge
  9. Historica Canada
    Here’s My Canada
  10. Historica Canada
    Here’s My Canada
  11. Historica Canada
    Trivia Challenge
  12. Historica Canada
    The Memory Project
  13. Global Sunrise Project
    PICTURE 16
  14. Kathryn Whitfield and Sara Faulkner
    Making of a Memorial
  15. Connie Wyatt Anderson
    Reporting From the War
  16. Vintage Signals Team of the Hamilton Signals Association
    Can You be a Code Breaker
  17. Vintage Signals Team of the Hamilton Signals Association
    Make Your Own Morse Code Key
  18. Culinary Historians of Canada
    First and Second World War Cooking
  19. Canadian Geographic
    Drawn to Victory & Wings of Courage
  20. SimWave
    The Vimy Experience
  21. First World War Comes to Life & Canadian War Museum
    Vacating Vimy: The Chain of Evacuation
  22. Shorncliffe Trust
    First World War Historical Interpreters
  23. Collège de Villers-Bocage
    Graffiti Archeology
  24. Dr. Geoff Bird
    First World War Videos
  25. Vimy Flight
    Sopwith Pup Bi-Plane
  26. Commonwealth War Graves Commission
    Soldier Profiles

1. Issues of the World 

WE is a movement that brings people together and gives them the tools to change the world. Learn more about present-day world issues and the statistics around their impacts. Identify your own talents and how they can be used to drive real social change.

we.org   |   @WEMovement

2. The Empathy Experience 

Experience the Empathy Toy—a collaborative puzzle that can only be completed when players learn to understand each other. During this challenge, you will explore the often-hidden barriers to communication and practice the skills needed to prevent miscommunication from escalating into conflict. 

twentyonetoys.ca   |   @21Toys

marsdd.com   |   @MaRSDD

3. An Illustrated War 

Add a square to the collaborative, wall-sized comic strip inspired by facts and stories from the First World War. Alternatively, add your own captions to the Caption This illustrations, or your own illustrations to the Animate This sections of the wall.

4. We Matter Campaign 

We Matter is a national organization of hope and empowerment for Indigenous youth. The main focus is the We Matter Campaign, which gathers positives messages of support from role models across Canada communicating with Indigenous youth that no matter how hard life may feel, there is always a way forward. Listen to prominent Canadians including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s message to youth.

wemattercampaign.org   |   @WeMatterCampaign @WeMatterOrg

5. Circle of Courage 

The Circle of Courage integrates Native American/First Nations philosophies with positive youth development based on four principles: belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity. Create your own Circle using recent travel experiences as a model of self-evaluation.

6. Accessibility: Then and Now 

Learn how hearing, vision, and mobility aids have changed the world for people with disabilities. Interact with accessibility devices throughout history, and work through challenges on empathy, inclusion, and the potential of people with disabilities. Discover how innovations can make life more accessible for everyone.

rickhansen.com   |   @RickHansenFdn

7. Aboriginal Arts & Stories 

First Nations, Métis, and Inuit youth interpret aspects of their culture and heritage through literary and visual arts. Explore everything from their personal histories to the stories of their ancestors and country.

historicacanada.ca   |   @HistoricaCanada @AborArtsStories

8. Invictus Games Toronto 2017: The I AM Challenge 

Engage with Invictus Games competitors, and participate in activities designed to challenge you and get you out of your comfort zone.

invictusgames2017.com   |   @InvictusToronto

9. Here’s My Canada 

Express what Canada means to you in a 30-second video for your chance to win prizes—like a $5,000 gift card from Air Canada, Via Rail, Indigo, Best Buy, or Cineplex. Contest guidelines can be found at heresmycanada.ca

historicacanada.ca   |   @HistoricaCanada

10. Here’s My Canada 

Add to our mural with your name or a message about what Canada means to you.

historicacanada.ca   |   @HistoricaCanada

11. Trivia Challenge 

Test your knowledge of all things Canadian, including questions from the Canadian citizenship exam.

historicacanada.ca   |   @HistoricaCanada

12. The Memory Project 

Veterans, members of the Canadian Forces, and their families share stories about their experiences.

historicacanada.ca   |   @HistoricaCanada @Memory_Project

13. PICTURE 16 

An art exhibit with inspirational stories focused on global citizenship and peace by teenage photographer and filmmaker Kasha Sequoia Slavner. Contribute to a string art installation and depict your interpretation of peace.

theglobalsunriseproject.com   |   @GlobalSunRisers

14. Making of a Memorial 

Understand the challenges of designing and building a memorial, including the environment, landscape, and using appropriate symbols. Analyze other physical structures that were proposed for the Vimy Memorial, and build a memorial based on what you’ve learned.

15. Reporting From the War 

Explore news articles, trench slang, and illustrations published during the First World War.

16. Can You be a Code Breaker? 

Learn coding techniques and try to decipher a secret message from the First World War. Learn how coding evolved from the First World War to modern-day encryption.

facebook.com/hamiltonsigs   |   @Ham_Signals @hamiltonSigs

17. Make Your Own Morse Code Key 

The Signal Station is destroyed but a telegraph line still works! Build a Morse code key to ask for help.

facebook.com/hamiltonsigs   |   @Ham_Signals @hamiltonSigs

18. First and Second World War Cooking 

A presentation on the social context of food with cooking demonstrations that inform the audience about ingredients available during both World Wars, the role of rationing, and the homefront efforts.

culinaryhistorians.ca   |   @CulHistCan @culhistcanada

19. Drawn to Victory & Wings of Courage 

Walk on two commemorative First World War giant floor maps of the western front and Vimy Ridge as facilitators lead different activities that examine the movement of borders, people, and supplies during the First World War.

canadiangeographic.ca   |   @CanGeo

20. The Vimy Experience 

A 4D virtual reality experience of what it was like to be a Canadian soldier at Vimy Ridge on April 9, 1917. Feel the boom of the creeping barrage as you step into the boots of a soldier in battle.

simwave.ca   |   @SimWave

21. Vacating Vimy: The Chain of Evacuation 

Follow the journey of a wounded soldier through the chain of casualty evacuation—from frontline first aid to homefront recovery. Discover the challenges and achievements of medical aid during the First World War through this series of interactive displays.

firstworldcomestolife.org   |   @1wwcomestolife @1stWorldWarComesToLife


22. First World War Historical Interpreters 

Historical interpreters will bring the period of the First World War to life, and engage participants in stories and reenactments of the Great War.

shorncliffe-trust.org.uk   |   @TheShorncliffeTrust

23. Graffiti Archeology  

Local students from Collège de Villers-Bocage share their investigation of graffiti left by Australian soldiers during the First World War in the caves underneath Naours.

24. First World War Videos 

Dr. Geoff Bird specializes in the field of historical tourism and memorialization, with specific interests in battlefield preservation and commemoration. Watch three different videos covering the contributions of the Chinese Labour Corps, sniper Lance Corporal John Shiwak of Labrador, and the impact of the Halifax Explosion.

25. Sopwith Pup Bi-Plane 

See a replica First World War bi-plane re-created specifically for the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge as part of the Nation Soars initiative. 

vimyflight.ca    |   @VimyFlight

26. Soldier Profiles 

Gain insight into the lives of servicemen from across the Commonwealth and their stories from the First World War. These life-size images make the perfect photo op!

cwgc.org   |   @CWGC


Help your students develop a richer understanding of Canada's history in a global context.