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The one thing better than travelling the world? Earning school credit for it.

EF’s Travel for Credit program provides summer school experiences in Canada and abroad for students to develop their skills to become global citizens. In partnership with school boards and school districts, we offer curated course packages designed to meet Ministry of Education credit requirements paired with a dynamic EF tour. So students can return home and take on their
future—inside the classroom and beyond.

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The program

Course credits are awarded by our partner school boards and school districts and are led by certified educators at board/district-run summer schools. By embedding EF’s unique tours within select courses, students gain a deeper understanding of the global connections that link what they learn in the classroom to the real world. The tour component of the program is led by an insightful, culturally connected Tour Director who will be with you and your group every step of the way.

Offered courses

Earn secondary school credit in these areas

Travel for Credit: World Religions in Italy & Spain

World Religions in Italy & Spain

In Italy and Spain, students will discover the fascinating history, and contemporary practices, of Catholicism, Judaism, and Islam at sites that include the Vatican, the medieval Synagogues of Toledo, and the Moorish Alhambra palace.

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EF tours French Language Immersion

French Language Immersion through France and the Alps

Immerse yourself in French language and culture as you travel from the breathtaking Swiss Alps to the beaches and azure waters of the French Riviera.

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Travel for Credit: French Language Immersion Through France

French Language Immersion from Paris to the Riviera

In Paris and Nice, students take their language learning to a new level, immersing themselves in French culture. Travellers will take part in a market scavenger hunt, enjoy a French cooking class, practice chatting with locals, and channel their inner Monet in a painting lesson.

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Travel for Credit: Exploring Canadian History in Europe

Exploring Canadian History in Europe

Uncover Canada’s role in major events of the 20th century as you travel to Amsterdam, Belgium, Normandy, and Paris. Deepen your understanding of the Holocaust at the Anne Frank House; Honour fallen Canadian Soldiers at Menin Gate; Explore the WWI trenches at Vimy Ridge Battlefield; Walk on the sand of Juno Beach where Canadians landed at D-Day. History comes to life as you connect to sites that contributed to the formation of our modern nation.

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Travel for Credit: Explore Canadian Geography in Québec

Canadian Geography in Québec

In Québec, geography learning abounds as you explore beautiful National Parks and waterfalls, behind the scenes of an impressive hydro electric power generating station, and unique Quebecois cultural highlights in Mont-Tremblant, Sherbrooke and Quebec City.

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Travel for Credit: Environmental Science in Costa Rica

Environmental Science in Costa Rica

In beautiful and biodiverse Costa Rica, students will immerse themselves in the study of environmental science as they explore real-world challenges in sustainability, conservation, and their relationship with the environment.

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EF tours Civics and Careers

Civics and Careers in Canada and the U.S.A.

Civics & Careers come to life as students explore the seat of government, the world of work, and personal development in some of North America’s most dynamic cities.

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EF tours Environmental Science

Environmental Science in Vancouver

Immerse yourself in the study of environmental science as you explore real-world challenges in sustainability, conservation, and our relationship with the environment.

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EF tours Issues in Canadian Geography

Canadian Geography in Newfoundland

In Newfoundland, geography learning abounds as you explore awe-inspiring natural wonders and friendly maritime culture in St. John’s, Gander and Gros Morne National Park.

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EF tours Exploring English in the UK

Exploring English in the U.K.

Discover English language and literature in its proverbial homeland, the United Kingdom. Students will connect to texts where they were inspired, written, and performed as they develop their skills in media studies, oral communication, reading, and writing.

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EF tours World Religions

World Religions in Berlin & Prague

In Berlin and Prague, students will immerse themselves in cities full of diverse cultures, religions and belief systems. Deepening their understanding of the region’s fascinating history gives insightful context as students discover beautiful places of worship and explore spiritual practices and knowledge.

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EF tours World Religions

Environmental Science in Churchill

Embark on a once in a lifetime adventure in Canada’s subarctic. Immerse yourself in the study of environmental science as you explore real-world challenges in sustainability, conservation, and our relationship with the environment.

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Designed by experts

All course packages are created and peer-reviewed by instructional designers and certified educators. These packages meet all Ministry of Education requirements while complementing the EF educational tour experience, which is designed by our in-house education specialists.

Courses include an educator guide, lesson plans, activities, assessments, and evaluation tools.

Customizable learning modules

Our flexible on-tour learning modules are included in every tour and are selected by
partner school boards or districts from a collection curated by EF.

EF tours Skill Development

Skill development

With a focus on active learning, students participate in hands-on activities, workshops, and events to maximize learning outcomes.

EF tours Career Exploration

Career exploration

Students get to make meaningful connections with professionals by taking part in activities that give insight into different careers and industries.

EF tours Subject-specific Learning

Subject-specific guided learning

Students flex their active listening and critical thinking skills during lectures, guided visits, and panel discussions led by subject-area experts.

What’s included

When you work with us, you simply get more. We handle all the details—all you have to do is show up and be ready to learn.

EF tours Skill Development


Round trip transportation by flight or coach bus and local transfers to each stop in your itinerary

EF tours Skill Development

Coursework and activities

Lesson plans, assessments, and excursions

EF tours Career Exploration

Room and board

Accommodations and some meals on the trip

EF tours Skill Development

Global support network

One-on-one mentorship and travel support before and during your program

EF tours Career Exploration

Innovative educational programming

Designed to build global competencies using our Global Learning Model

EF tours Skill Development

Safety and support

All our tours include a worldwide support network, 24-hour safety response team, and more.

EF tours Career Exploration

Coverage and policy flexibility

See our latest policies that meet our travellers’
needs, no matter where you are in the planning process.

EF tours testimonials

“I couldn’t be more proud of the young women and men who have taken part in our experiential learning programs. I’ve been privileged to see the growth of our students and teachers as they prepare for these incredible experiences, especially thanks to our partnerships with EF Educational Tours.”

—Brian Beal, Director of Education, Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board