Your tour. Your Tour Director.

The best part of any EF tour is having an insightful, culturally connected Tour Director with you every step of the way. Beyond sharing local insight and hidden gems, they’re true directors in that they’ll take care of your group from the moment you arrive to the last goodbye. From hotel check-ins to route navigation, they handle the details so students and teachers can relax on tour. 

Meet a few of our Tour Directors and learn about some of their favourite spots around the globe. 

“I enjoy taking students to the Terracotta Museum, the Eighth Wonder of the World, because it’s full of mysterious archaeological facts. It opens a fascinating door for all the students and teachers to explore for details in the Qin Dynatsty” 
- Tony from Xi’an, China

“I’ve been a Tour Director for almost 16 years and one of my favorite places to take students is Edinburgh, Scotland. I love taking them down the Royal Mile in Old Town, past the eclectic mix of shops and restaurants, then exploring the narrow streets around Edinburgh Castle.” 
- Christopher from County Wexford, Ireland

"Ottawa is a special place for me. I love being able to share my personal experiences while teaching students about the city. They get to see how diverse it is and how Canada’s diversity is its strength and such an integral part of our identity. It helps them to understand what it means to be Canadian."
- Nadine from Ottawa, Canada

“My favourite spot to take students has to be Assisi. The town is beautiful, rich in history, inspiring and very safe for the kids. As a Tour Director, I love being able to share my personal knowledge with other people and, above everything else, I simply have a lot of fun!”  
- Simone from Torino, Italy

“The most special place I enjoy taking my groups to has to be the very top of Montmarte in Paris. The look on their faces as we turn the corner and they suddenly see the Eiffel Tower in the distance for the very first time in their lives is priceless. That’s one of the best things about being a Tour Director—helping the next generation experience these things for the first time.”  
- Alex, from Paris, France

“I think the most interesting thing during the tour is interacting with the local people, making stops in the countryside for the students to see how they live, work, farm, etc. And, of course, playing with the local children is just fantastic. I really love my job because it opens new doorways to meet wonderful people, share all I know and to learn from them, too.”  
- Washington from Cuzco, Peru

“My favorite spot on tour is the Anafiotika, a small neighbourhood right beneath the Acropolis hill in Athens. All of the houses have Cycladic architecture, and as you walk through the narrow whitewashed cobblestone streets, you can close your eyes and travel through the Aegean Sea. It’s both a fun and educational spot, and it gives groups an excellent idea of how the Cycladic islands look.” 
- Artin from Naoussa, Greece

"I live in downtown NYC–it’s an energetic and boisterous place, so I love taking groups to Central Park, where they can quietly contemplate all they’ve seen and done. It’s kind magical, especially when they cross the Bow Bridge, which they recognize from their favourite movies."
- Mitch from New York City, United States

“I’ve lived now for 14 years in Madrid, and I love taking students on the bike tour of the city. It’s an excellent educational and fun way of showing the city from a different perspective. I like being on the road, sharing my energy and my knowledge, with the students. It’s wonderful to help open the students’ eyes.” 
- Sonia from Madrid, Spain