Automatic payment plan

We believe every student should have the opportunity to travel. That's why our flexible and convenient payment options let you choose when - and how - you want to pay.

Our automated payment plan divides your tour costs over time so you can pay in small, manageable increments deducted directly from your chequing account.

  • Choose either monthly or bi-weekly payments on a preferred weekday.
  • Automatic deductions mean you'll never incur late fees.
  • You may extend your final payment deadline until up to 25 days prior to departure date.

Win $500 Off Your Tour!

Each month, we will be giving away $500 to a lucky traveller enrolled in EF's Automatic Payment Plan. When you enrol in EF’s Automatic Payment Plan, you will be automatically entered to win $500 off your tour's Program Price. Each time a successful payment is made from your account, your name will be automatically entered in our monthly prize draw. Each time a new payment is made towards your tour, you have a new chance to win!

Rules and Regulations