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Inspire a new perspective on the world

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Reimagining student travel, one itinerary at a time

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Our tours are curated by world travellers and subject matter experts who understand that compelling itineraries should be full of opportunities for experiential learning.

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Everything you get, with EF.

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For almost 40 years, EF Tours Canada has crafted safe, immersive, life-changing educational travel experiences for Canadian students. Here's how we do it, and how it sets us apart:

Change students’ lives through travel

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As an educator, you have the special ability to influence how your students experience learning beyond the classroom. That means you get to give them an opportunity to understand the world, themselves, and themselves in the world in a unique way.

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VE Day 80: Be a part of history

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In May 2025, join Canadian students, educators, and cadets in commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Allied Victory in Europe. Gain a new perspective on history and your place in it as you connect with the local community, participate in ceremonies, and help commemorate the end of the Second World War on the European front.

Tour reviews

Live, unedited & independent guest reviews

Feel the impact of travel

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Preparing to explore a new destination can feel like one big adventure. Yet travel is a collection of smaller moments that comprise the unforgettable whole. From inspiring stories to tour preparation tips, our Boarding Call blog gives first-time and seasoned travellers alike everything you need to plan and enjoy all your future moments, both big and small.

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Tour Director Patrizio lets you experience the culture of Italy on his best day ever

The life of a Tour Director: A Q&A with Patrizio
Why travel with EF? Because you’ll get to meet people like Patrizio P., one of our Tour Directors, who gets to travel all around Europe for a living.

4 minute read

A group of enthusiastic students in EF’s student Summit video recap

Teaching Beyond Borders: A Teacher’s Adventure as a First-Time Group Leader
Witness the transformative impact of a new teacher leading his first educational tour

4 minute read

Expert local guide Carlos giving the best guided tours of Spain

Top 7 Amsterdam Souvenirs to Bring Home
Just like a seasoned traveller, you’ve left plenty of room for all the shopping and souvenirs you’ll find at your first stop in Amsterdam

5 minute read

Hundreds of destinations. Endless possibilities.