Travel that’s designed with the future in mind

When done right, travelling is an education. It lights up your senses and introduces you to new perspectives in a way only the best lessons can. So that’s what we set out to provide: for every student, in partnership with the teachers who lead our tours. There’s a better way to see the world, and it’s together.

Let our detail-loving experts lead the way

Compelling itineraries that are rooted in experiential learning and curated by experts. It’s what you can expect from any EF tour, whether it’s a trip specially designed to fit your curriculum or an itinerary built to immerse your students in far-away cities (or cities a little closer to home). We bring educators, world travellers, subject-matter specialists, and locals together to craft every last detail of your travel experience—and that diverse team puts the same level of care and planning into each of our tours.

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Travel thoughtfully

Travel has a big effect. Not just on travellers, but on the people and places they visit. In order to make sure EF and our travellers are making a positive impact, we’ve created guidelines for getting in the mindset to travel responsibly on your next adventure.

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We’re in good company

At EF, we are designing a brighter future through better educational travel. And we aren’t doing that work alone. We collaborate with other organizations looking to make a positive global impact, and we use those partnerships to enhance the product we provide to you.

World Animal Protection

EF is relentlessly committed to respecting and promoting animal welfare as we help our customers experience more of the world.

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More partners & affiliates

From the Juno Beach Centre to a toy company that helps build empathy, we work with leaders in education, travel, and accreditation.

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Our not-so-secret travel advisors are teachers.

We involve them at every stage of EF’s tour design process. From inviting educators to scout out new destinations with us, to their role in previewing trips before students ever set foot on them, to reading all of our Group Leaders’ feedback in real time, teachers are the people who help make our itineraries shine.

EF’s commitment to you

Sure, we spend countless hours building and improving upon our tours until we’re confident you’ll love them. But we also focus on your overall experience. That’s why we’re serious about safety and staying flexible as the world changes.

There’s educational travel. And then there’s educational travel with EF.