Meals on tour

Generally breakfast and dinner are included on tour, with lunch on your own. Please refer to your detailed itinerary for tour-specific information.

Breakfast at your hotel typically includes cereal, bread or rolls, jam, juice, coffee and tea.

Lunch is your chance to make culinary discoveries of your own. Your Tour Director can make recommendations.

Included dinners will be a mix of familiar dishes and local specialties from a set menu, either at a local restaurant or at your hotel. Table water is always provided free of charge; bottled water is provided in countries where deemed necessary by locals. Travellers are expected to pay for soft drinks and other beverages at dinner.

Travellers should expect portion size to be smaller than what they are accustomed to at home. Any travellers with dietary restrictions should communicate these details to EF prior to tour and reiterate them with their Tour Director.

For a list of sample meals in your destination, visit one of the following: