Teachers travel free

Group Leaders earn a free spot on their tour for every six people who enrol. As a teacher, that means you could travel free and build a team of chaperones to support you. We’ve got all the details below, but if you have questions, call us at 1-800-387-1460.

Free place ratio
EF’s free place ratio is 6:1, meaning 1 free spot for each group of 6 paying travellers. If you don’t enrol enough paying travellers to meet the free place ratio, you’ll be required to pay the Discounted Program Price (see below). 

6–11 paying travellers: 1 free spot (Group Leader)
12–17 paying travellers: 2 free spots (Group Leader + 1 chaperone)
18–23 paying travellers: 3 free spots (Group Leader + 2 chaperones)
24–29 paying travellers: 4 free spots (Group Leader + 3 chaperones)
30–35 paying travellers: 5 free spots (Group Leader + 4 chaperones)

A chaperone can be another teacher, a parent, or anyone you have in mind to help out on tour. They can also lend a hand with planning and fundraising. 
Discounted program price 

If there are fewer than six travellers enrolled on a tour, or if the Group Leader doesn’t have enough paying travellers to cover the enrolled free places (chaperones), EF will add a discounted program price to the Group Leader’s account. 

The discounted program price is based on the 6:1 free place ratio and the paying travellers average Program Price. This amount will be due at 110 days prior to departure and continue to recalculate until 45 days prior to departure.

Example for a 10 day tour with 4 paying travellers:

Traveller 1 paid $2,900
Traveller 2 paid $2,800
Traveller 3 paid $2,850
Traveller 4 paid $2,950

Average program price = ($2,900 + $2,800 + $2,850 + 2,950)/4 paying travellers
Average program price = $2,875 
The adult supplement is $100, plus $40 for each day on tour. 
Adult supplement = $100 + ($40 x 10 days)
Adult supplement = $500
Average Program Price $2,875 + Adult Supplement $500 = $3,375
$3,375 x (6 free place ratio – 4 paying travellers)/6 free place ratio
Total discounted Program Price  = $1,125

Optional excursions
If fewer than six travellers book an optional excursion, you will need to pay in full for any optional excursions (not prorated). Your free spots will also earn a free optional for every six travellers who pre-book an optional excursion.

Other additional costs
A free spot means the program price is covered. However, the following come with a fee: Global Travel Protection Plan, room upgrades, late add fees, and service fees.