Travel coverage

Comprehensive and affordable, EF’s recommended coverage plans let you explore the world worry-free.

EF’s recommended Global Travel Protection Plan gives you all the coverage below at one great price. The plan is only $15 a day for North American bus tours, $139 for North American flight tours and $189 for International tours and must be purchased or removed no later than 30 days after enrolment. With this plan, you are covered wherever you are in the world and have access to Insurance representatives 24 hours a day. All your plan details are kept with your Tour Director while on tour, so you can relax and enjoy your trip of a lifetime!

The Global Travel Protection Plan includes:

Illness and Accident Coverage covers:

  • Hospital bills, doctors’ fees, prescriptions, drugs and medical transportation for illnesses and/or injury during the tour, up to $1,000,000*
  • Transportation, lodging expenses and a daily allowance of $50 per person for two of the patient’s family members to be at his or her side in the event of a life-threatening illness that requires hospitalization (combined coverage of up to $50,000) 

Baggage and Property Coverage covers:

  • Up to $2,800 for baggage including valuable property up to $1,400 for personal property stolen or damaged due to an accident during your tour.
  • Theft of cash up to $400
  • Theft of passport and other valuable documents up to $700
  • Your extra costs: $75/24 hours, up to $225 if baggage is delayed more than 24 hours (except the return flight to your departure point)

Tour Cancellation and Interruption Coverage covers:

  • Refund of the Program Price if a traveler needs to cancel from or interrupt the tour due to reasons of serious injury or grave illness leading to hospitalization, jury duty, involuntary termination or layoff of a permanent employment, or severe damage to the traveler’s home.
  • The cancellation of your trip by the school board due to a teacher’s labour strike, work to rule or the school board determines there is a risk of harm to you during your trip when you are scheduled to travel to a specific region of a country during your trip.
  • The Government of Canada issues an “Avoid Non-Essential Travel” or an “Avoid All Travel” Travel Advisory after you purchase your insurance, advising or recommending that Canadian residents should not visit a destination included in your insured trip.

24-hour Emergency Assistance covers:

  • Assistance and handling of claims during the traveler’s tour

If you are a resident of Québec you may only purchase this plan if travelling on an International Tour. Consultez la page en Français ici.

If the Insurance Company adopts any policy coverage changes during the Period of Coverage without an additional premium charge, then you will automatically receive the benefit of the broadened insurance. This shall not apply to claims that have already been submitted.

*If you are not covered under a Canadian government health insurance plan on the date the claim is incurred, reimbursement for eligible expenses incurred will be limited to a maximum of $50,000.

The Global Travel Protection Plan is underwritten by Chubb Insurance Company of Canada, 199 Bay Street, Suite 2500, P.O. Box 139, Commerce Court West Postal Station, M5L 1E2 Toronto, Ontario, Canada, through a Master Policy issued to EF Travel Canada Limited. For complete terms, conditions and exclusions, please refer to the Master Chubb Insurance Policy and Certificate of Insurance below.

If you need to make a claim, please reference your EF account number to identify your individual insurance policy.

Policy Number 9908-50-37 (Purchased after March 31, 2019)

Chubb Insurance Policy
Certificate of Insurance

Additional documents for residents of Quebec:

Summary - which highlights key elements of the global Travel Protection Plan
Fact Sheet - which informs you of your rights
Notice of Cancellation of Insurance Contract

Policy Number 9908-34-33 (Purchased after April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019)

Chubb Insurance Policy
Certificate of Insurance

Policy Number 9908-16-66 (Purchased between January 19, 2018 to March 31,2018)

Chubb Insurance Policy
Certificate of Insurance

Policy Number 9908-16-66 (Purchased between May 1, 2017 to January 18, 2018)

Chubb Insurance Policy
Certificate of Insurance

Policy Number 9907-98-39 (Purchased between May 1st, 2016 and April 30th, 2017)

Chubb Insurance Policy
Certificate of Insurance

Policy Number 9907-75-33 (Purchased between May 1st, 2015 and April 30th, 2016)

Chubb Insurance Policy
Certificate of Insurance