Background checks

As part of our continued effort to keep the safety of our travellers a top priority, we conduct background checks on all adults traveling on our student tours. This is meant to help provide a safer tour experience for all travellers, and is a similar process to what many school boards implement for adults who volunteer in schools or chaperone school activities. Background checks take place through a secure process that is meant to specifically identify individuals who could present a risk to student travellers while on tour.

Background checks are required for all travellers (including Group Leaders) who will be 20 years of age or older at the time of the tour and are conducted approximately three months before the tour departure. This process only takes a few minutes and participants only hear from us if there is a specific concern about their results. What’s more, there is no cost to tour participants for these background checks.

Adult travellers should receive an email from a company called Sterling Talent Solutions within three months of their tour departure date.

If you have not received an email from them, click here to contact Traveller Support Team.

If you received an email from Sterling Talent Solutions but the link has expired, click here.

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