Health & medical needs

In order to ensure a safe and enjoyable tour, all travellers should review the following items as they prepare to travel:

Medical needs

Group Leaders need to be aware of their travellers’ medications and health concerns. They should collect this information before tour using the Traveller Health & Medical Profile form.

Health insurance

Does your health insurance adequately cover you or your child abroad? EF recommends the Global Travel Protection Plan, which is specifically designed to meet the needs of EF travellers. Travellers should also bring their Canadian health insurance information with them on tour.


All prescriptions should be filled, up-to-date and in the original packaging. Travellers should pack their prescriptions in their carry-on bag with copies of the prescription paperwork. Also, Group Leaders must be aware of every prescription in their students’ possession.

Emergency contact

Travellers and parents should confirm with their Group Leader and EF that we have the correct emergency contact details on file. This person must be someone who will not be travelling and who is available to be reached for the duration of the tour.

Dietary and health issues

Travellers should alert both their Group Leader and Traveller Support (call 1-800-263-2806) to any dietary or health-related issues that might affect them on tour so they can relay that information to the Tour Director and, if necessary, make a special meal request with the airlines. For example, if a student carries an EpiPen for peanut or other allergies, the Group Leader should know where to find it and how to administer it in the event of an emergency. EF tries to accommodate all dietary restrictions during included meals, but travellers with strict food requirements are advised to bring suitable snack options.