Immersive tour + leadership conference

These extraordinary events combine educational tours and a two-day leadership conference, tackling significant global issues in places where they come to life. 

You and your students learn from experts such as Al Gore, Jane Goodall and Sir Ken Robinson, and U.S. and local students work together to design and present their own solutions to the issue. Each Summit empowers your students today to start becoming leaders of tomorrow. 

Upcomming summits

Keynote: Announced Fall 2019
Date: July 2020
For centuries, sports have built bridges within communities and between cultures. It’s just one way the world approaches wellness. This Summit will explore sports and wellness around the world, from what people eat and think to how we care for ourselves and stay active.

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Keynote: Ann Curry, Clint Smith, and Kai Knight

Date: July 2019

Conversation is the cornerstone of society—allowing us to build knowledge and understanding. So how can we use the many channels available today to better express ourselves and relate to one another? This Summit will examine everything impacting global communication: from the media and social media to science, language, and art.
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Leadership conference highlights

From environmental sustainability to socially responsible business, see how students like yours are working together to solve today’s global challenges at the Summit's two-day leadership conference.

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