Immersive Tours + Meaningful Service Projects

On a Service Learning Tour, you and your students work side-by-side with locals on community-driven projects in Africa, Asia or the Americas. We’ve partnered with ME to WE, in support of the award-winning charity, WE Charity to make sure your contributions are both meaningful and sustainable. Through hands-on work and deep exposure to the local culture, students learn vital collaboration and problem-solving skills. And, they return home inspired to make a difference.

Service Learning destinations

  • Ecuador

    Ecuador’s unique landscapes serve as ideal classrooms for sustainability, biodiversity and rural development projects.

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  • Peru

    Join our grassroots partners in a mission to alleviate poverty, build up infrastructure and educate the next generation of Peruvians.

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  • Tanzania

    Work with local community members on projects that address social development and local infrastructure.

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  • Kenya

    Explore the wild savannahs and local communities in an effort to bring education and stability to the people of Kenya.

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  • India

    Challenge the social and economic barriers that are preventing education and growth for young women in northwest India.

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  • Dominican Republic

    This dynamic geographic and cultural landscape is the perfect setting to participate in our environmental and social grassroots organizations.

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  • Puerto Rico

    From the spanish-influenced architecture of the cities to sandy beaches and the diverse ecosystems of the rainforest, discover Puerto Rico.

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