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We’ve got a lot to say about student travel—partly because we’ve been bringing travellers abroad for over 55 years. But it helps to hear from other people. People like you, who’ve been through the whole experience. Before planning your trip, read EF travel reviews from past and present customers to get a feeling for what it’s like to travel with us.

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 travel reviews on safety

What our travellers are saying about safety

We know international travel can be nerve wracking. Whether you’re leading a group, going yourself, or sending a child, safety is your first priority. In these EF Tours reviews, past travellers reflect on the safety and security of their experiences.

Our approach to safety

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I am so glad that we were travelling with EF

The response to the virus and rerouting us home early was bar none. While we were sightseeing in London, EF was busy providing transportation, hotel lodging, and flights home. I am so glad that we were travelling with EF and not on our own during this crisis. Again, I cannot say enough about the overall positive experience and thank you for getting us home safely!

– Barbara B., Group Leader

The thing that struck us is the level of detail

– Audie J., Group Leader

EF has our safety in mind

I always know that EF has our safety in mind, though even though I have not had any major disruption to any of my tours, I know that we would be well taken care of. That is one of the many reasons that I go with EF. I have already talked to one parent today about the current coronavirus problem. She was hoping our trip would not be cancelled and really liked the letter that EF sent out. Well done EF!!

– Jim B., Group Leader

Safe and secure

Her school chose to go with EF Tours because of its reputation, attention to every last detail, and (most importantly) security as its number one priority. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a safe and secure, no-hassle, very reasonably priced experience.

– sharn888, Parent

Never once was I worried

I was invited to be an adult chaperone on our school’s spring break trip to Italy. At first, I was very anxious to travel abroad since I was new to the whole thing, but from start to finish, our trip was thorough, smooth, and well organized. Our tour leader was fantastic and great with the students. EF/our tour leader was very considerate of another adult on our trip with a severe nut allergy and made sure that her meals were always safe for her to consume. Every location that we visited was amazing and our tour guide was very patient with the varying needs and interests of our group. Never once was I worried for our safety.

– TravelerReborn, Chaperone

EF can and will avoid putting us in harm’s way

I have personally experienced EF’s ability to move a destination of a tour in hours. For example, in the early 2000s, we were headed to Athens, Greece on an EF tour, and there was rioting in the centre of Athens near where we were staying. Before we arrived, EF had already changed our hotel to outside the city. They changed the itinerary of the tour to keep us far from the problem while still making it an awesome educational experience. We don't know what will happen in the world any time we travel, but I feel confident that EF can and will avoid putting us in harm’s way.

– Pam F., Group Leader
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Professionally. Personally. Responsibly.

I have been travelling with EF for 15 plus years. 2 years ago, we were in the epicentre in Japan for the earthquake. EF was 100% amazing! Within minutes of the earthquake I was chatting with EF and parents were notified so when they woke up, they had no worries. EF handled it professionally. Personally. Responsibly. They were in constant contact with myself, the tour director and parents. EF being the top safety tours, already before we came to Japan had made sure we were in earthquake proof hotels.

– Becky B., Group Leader
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Grateful to be part of the EF Family

I find solace, as well as pride, in the extraordinary care that EF is providing for them. These are some crazy times, but I have never been more proud of EF and grateful to be part of the EF FAMILY. You all are doing an amazing job under such trying and unprecedented circumstances.

– Bettie B., Group Leader

EF was incredible

On Wednesday, March 11, 2020, my daughter was travelling in Germany with EF and her school program when the travel restrictions due to COVID-19 were announced. I felt completely powerless and uncertain how a route home could be achieved for my daughter, her entire group, and the multitude of other student groups travelling over Spring Break. Over the course of the next few days, I spoke with numerous employees at EF. Every single time, I was able to speak to a person who was concerned and engaged about the situation. They expressed understanding for my fears, assured me to the best of their ability (even when they had no new information to share), and emailed parents announcements as to the various flights being scheduled. That attention and kindness in and of itself was astonishing, knowing that they must have thousands of anxious parents calling and were likely working ceaselessly to get everyone home. What was even more astonishing was the professionalism in making sure at every leg of the journey—Munich, London, Toronto, and finally Dallas—was that the students were safely cared for, had very good lodgings, transportation to and from the airports, hot meals, and EF still educated them and made the most of the unplanned stops! EF was incredible. I will confidently book with EF knowing that they truly have the infrastructure to handle a crisis, that they care deeply for the students, and that they remain committed to sharing the wonder of travel.

– Jennifer C., Parent

 travel reviews on educational value

Travel reviews on EF’s educational value

How does seeing more of the world affect students? In these EF Tours reviews, customers comment on the impact they’ve seen or experienced as a direct result from travelling abroad.

Our educational philosophy

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The kids had the time of their lives

My first international trip was a big learning experience, first of all, but I kept it small. I did the springtime in Paris and it was like 7 days. We were just staying in Paris and I had about 35 kids and 4 teachers, I think. It rained like, literally, the whole time and we had an amazing time...The kids had the time of their lives. All of those kids, that I have on Facebook still, have the travel bug. Literally, every single one of them is travelling the world. One of them is actually a travel blogger.

– Angela M., Group Leader

Challenges them to step outside their comfort zones

Travelling with my students is just more than taking a summer “vacation” with the students. An educational travel experience helps students to put into practice the concepts they’ve learned in the classroom. It also challenges them to step outside their comfort zones and helps them develop skills, habits, and mindsets closely associated with future success. I have noticed that stepping out of their comfort zones is the most beneficial aspect they get out of our travel program. Rooming with kids they normally don’t room with. Flying on an airplane. Visiting cities that they would never get a chance to visit. These are the experiences that I enjoy offering to the kids.

– Bruce E., Group Leader

EF plans itineraries with that education piece first and foremost

– Brady R., Group Leader
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It’s fun watching that confidence being built

The first milestone on any trip is watching students and adults who have never flown during their first take off. I usually film the new flyers. By the time we get to the first stop they’re strutting through the airport like seasoned travellers. It’s fun watching that confidence being built as they learn to navigate through new experiences.

–Rachel K., Group Leader

What a great skill to teach students

I advocate for travel because the world is vast and diverse. If we want to truly understand our neighbors in other provinces or countries, we must reach out and meet them where they live. Travel provides a glimpse into another world that our students may have Googled or watched on a device, but living it with the smells, food, smiles, and various challenges teaches flexibility, tolerance and understanding, and empathy. What a great skill to teach students how to navigate an international airport, use public transportation like The Tube in London or The Metro in Paris, and take risks. I remember last spring break eating escargot in the Tuileries Garden of Paris and watching our students get out of their comfort zones to try snails was priceless! Oh, they tasted amazing! In April 2019, I was travelling to Paris with 41 students, parents, grandparents, and teachers. We planned to show our group the Eiffel Tower and it was close to dusk. With the help of our EF Tour Director, we found a great place to observe and, at 9 PM, the tower lights up and blinks! The students were hooked on Paris and “wow-ed.”

– Chuck C., Group Leader

It's so important to change the mindset of students

I truly enjoy seeing my students experience different cultures during our travel time. For example, I had a student last trip that only ate burgers and fries. Once we experienced our French cooking class, he started to eat all the French foods we had. This was an awesome moment for me because he realized that he could experience other cultures through food. It’s so important to change the mindset of students by having them experience other cultures and understand that we are all the same with different experiences.

– Mitch S., Group Leader

An inspiring feeling

I love travelling with my students because I get to know each one of them better and I get to see them at their best. As a history teacher, it’s an amazing feeling to see my students light up and get excited about “that thing we talked about in class." Not only do they get a rich educational experience but watching them transform from scared teenagers who have never left home into young adults who are eager to take on more travel is an inspiring feeling. I can easily say that after each trip, the students that travelled with me have been the ones that I have grown closest to and the ones who began to succeed more in my classes. On my last EF tour to England and France, there were too many memorable moments to count. I think one of my favorites was watching one student run circles in the craters left on Pointe du Hoc in Normandy and falling over. I also loved when the shortest, most shy of my AP European History students helped us get a table and order food for lunch in Saint-Malo because she spoke the best French. Finally, I always make my students keep a travel journal that they usually roll their eyes at, but are entertained by my own journal readings on the bus. While they may roll their eyes at having to write in their journal at first and certainly at sharing their entries, by the end of the trip, most of them want to share and take it home as their best souvenir. Listening to their journal entries is always a highlight on my EF trips.

– Bobby T., Group Leader
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Living it is completely different

At our school, we emphasize student connections with the community, so I really enjoy seeing the students outside of the classroom and in a larger setting. It’s great to watch them walk through a museum or visit a memorial and see them broaden their horizons. As a teacher, I’m happy to see them apply all of the learning strategies and techniques we practice in school. But our schools programming focuses on the whole child—going beyond academics—and seeing teens taking an interest in the world we live in is so gratifying. That’s why I think travel is so important for adults and students: it gives us the chance to experience something beyond our “normal.” We can push our own boundaries, try something new, and become part of a different culture. When students travel, they get to experience a part of the world they didn’t know about before. Seeing these places on YouTube or Instagram is one thing, but living it is completely different.

– Andrew T., Group Leader

Educational, fun, and life changing

This trip was very educational, fun, and life changing. I learned so much about each country that I went to and my Tour Director gave me a very thorough tour of each place I visited. I went to many popular tourist spots as well as many places that were historic and not as popular for tourists but still very interesting and fun to learn about. It was just such an amazing experience and I encourage everyone to take the chance and go on this trip because you will not be disappointed. It was so nice to have the whole trip planned out for me and I didn’t have to worry about finding something to do because our Tour Director gave me tons of suggestions about shops to look in, restaurants to try, and some popular tourist spots around our location. I made a lot of new friends that I still keep in contact with on a regular basis and we are trying to plan another trip in the future. I felt like a part of the public and it was just so peaceful and fun. All five hotels were in a good area and were clean, nice, and the staff were very friendly and helpful. Our tour bus was clean, comfortable, and our driver was extremely friendly. The days were very well thought out and our Tour Director gave us the schedule each day so we knew everything that was happening throughout the day. Overall, this trip was a trip of a lifetime and I can’t wait to plan my next trip with EF!

– DavidO1999, Student

 travel reviews on support

What people think of our support

There’s a lot of planning that goes into any travel excursion. In these educational travel reviews, customers talk about working with the EF team, whether it was during the months leading up to their trip or once arriving at their destination.

Meet our support team

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Legitimate, student-centred, trustworthy

EF’s commitment to legitimate, student-centred, trustworthy business practices that are built on top quality, uncompromised student experiences is commendable. Your company’s moral compass is locked on ETHICAL and COMMITMENT to YOUR CLIENTELE.

– Michelle B., Assistant Superintendent

Thanks to everyone who helped with this crisis

We haven’t lacked a single thing which we might have needed from EF since [the COVID-19] travel ban was announced. We were contacted shortly after the announcement, we received our flight information for our evacuation much sooner than we expected, and our Tour Director, Gavin, was there to help in any and every way up until we entered the security checkpoint at the airport. He even told us that he would wait there until our flight took off, just in case someone had a problem. I can’t think of a single thing that EF could have done better under these circumstances, and my travellers seem to agree with me. Thanks to everyone who helped with this crisis!

– William B., Group Leader

Genuinely care about my students, my community, my family

Every single time I go and do one of these experiences where I’m in contact with people from the company, I feel this deep resonance in caring about the experience of students, and making sure that those students are really experiencing everything that the world has to offer. The personal relationships that I’ve managed to build with people at this company—who genuinely care about my students, my community, my family—is inspiring to me. It means a lot to know that there are people working every single day who want what I want for my students and my community. And they’ve shown that to me. I’ve had conversations with my Tour Consultant, I’ve had conversations with the Regional Director that has worked with me, and they will remember students by name that I have mentioned. And that just means a lot to me as a teacher. When a company like EF can show that they care about my kids as much as I care about them, I know I’m working with the right people.

– Brady R., Group Leader

They think of everything and nothing is too much trouble

Fantastic experience

From the moment we landed in Vietnam until the moment we departed we had a fantastic experience. Our Vietnamese Tour Director met us at the airport in Hanoi and stayed with us through our travels to Da Nang and on to Saigon. Our transition from one activity to another was seamless thanks to his facilitation and EF’s planning. Not only did we tour major sites, experience local cuisine, and have free time to walk the towns and cities we visited, but we also visited with a U.S. Vietnam War Veteran, now living in Vietnam, to talk to us about his experiences both during and after the war, and now, many decades later. The trip was a blend of history, the obvious impact of the Vietnam War, and the culture and traditions which exist today for the people of Vietnam.

– MaineMom1, Group Leader

EF will take care of you

Support through it all

I have made a couple of hospital visits with students on tour, changed tour dates due to soccer championships, and, on my last trip, I had to get two of my travelers back home immediately due to a death in the family. EF had a representative in front of me making flight arrangements within 15 minutes—and that was in the heart of Paris during peak tourist season. I knew that although the coronavirus was going to change everything, we would be taken care of by a team of professionals. Knowing that EF had my back allowed me to be a source of stability and reassurance for students and parents on my 2020 tour. 

– Elana Marie M., Group Leader

Above and beyond

Over the years, my Tour Consultants have been really flexible to work with and anytime I need anything they are always there. When talking through options regarding COVID-19, my Tour Consultant provided instant communication on that level. Some parents had questions and he was willing to talk with them. He’s gone above and beyond.

– Aaron A., Group Leader

 travel reviews on flexibility

How customers feel about EF’s flexibility

Plans change. World events are unpredictable. Before making a commitment to taking a trip with us, read EF Tours reviews from travellers who’ve encountered the unexpected before or during their tour.

Learn about all our policies

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We decided to travel to another country, far away from the virus

– Ashley S., Group Leader

EF did it in a day!

Just today my Japan trip was rerouted to Belize for 72 people. EF did it in a day! This proved the commitment to safety and support of all the GLs, families, and students. I have been travelling with EF since 2006. I have always been impressed (that's why I am still with them), but their handling of the recent COVID-19 has been fantastic! I will keep travelling with my students with EF forever! They have worked quickly and mindfully while rebooking our group. They have been supportive every step of the way. Thank you for giving us options and for really standing behind your word.

– Linda H., Group Leader

Contingency plans for everyone

A month before our departure, mainstream news was just getting a hold of the information regarding the virus outbreak. It was very shortly thereafter we heard from EF with options for travellers should they be very concerned about travelling. The travel advisories, at this time, were all only at a Level 2 for the countries we planned to visit, and those had been issued months before due to possible terrorism and protest issues, not due to the virus. Yet, here was EF giving my travellers options to ease their nerves—recognizing that for many, this was a once in a lifetime experience that might be greatly marred by their fear. My group was so impressed to be offered these choices, recognizing that, had they made these plans on their own, they would have few choices beyond travel or lose all the money paid out. EF went so far as to allow customers a chance to change their plans up to a week before their departure. I was so impressed with the amount of communication and calls I received from the company in this time. All of it reassuring me, and therefore my travellers, that EF was our watchdog—that they had our backs, and they had contingency plans for everyone.  

– Kelly G., Group Leader

EF quickly devised a plan for students to return home safely

I would recommend EF to any parent or student looking to travel internationally. I was extremely impressed with how well EF handled the announcement that our country would be closing its borders to flights from Europe. At the time of the announcement, our daughter was on an EF trip in Germany. EF was immediately in communication with our sponsor and continued to provide opportunities for the students to explore Germany, which prevented any anxiety they may have felt with the situation. EF quickly devised a plan for students to return home safely and even provided a tour in London for the students, which was unexpected. My daughter returned from the trip and immediately asked to go to Italy with the school in 2021. As a bonus, EF offered parents a partial refund or a travel voucher, which was completely unexpected. I expected nothing as I could only imagine the cost and time it took to schedule multiple flights and hotel stays. As a result, I had no hesitation in sending my daughter on another EF trip next year.

– Rene R., Parent

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