learning by doing

Our educational philosophy is simple: the best way to help students gain new perspectives and build skills for the future is through experiential learning. We partner with educators across the world to create global education programs that blend classroom, digital and experiential learning for students.

You know students learn on a deeper level when what you’re teaching connects to their own lives. That's why every tour comes with weShare, a personalized learning experience powered by your students’ curiosity. Using EF’s guided learning model, students use their strengths to investigate an issue or topic that inspires them. They reflect on what they've learned through a post-tour project that gives even more meaning to travel.

a competitive edge for  your students

Through experiential learning, every tour is designed to:
  • Increase awareness of global perspectives
  • Foster appreciation for different cultures
  • Strengthen new language skills
  • See curriculum come to life
  • Sharpen 21st-century skills like critical thinking problem solving, communication, collaboration and global competence in a global setting
  • Develop leadership skills to successfully navigate new experiences with confidence
Inspire your students through culturally immersive educational travel