The Tour Director's role

Your full-time Tour Director meets you at your arrival airport and travels with your group 24 hours a day while on tour.

The Tour Director is responsible for:

Tour coordination

The Tour Director coordinates every travel detail on tour, including bus transportation, hotels and accommodations, meals and special excursions.

24-hour support for travellers

The Tour Director travels with the group from the moment they arrive to the last goodbye at the airport.

Local knowledge

At every stop along the way, the Tour Director will introduce the group to the city and offer unique insights about the local culture. Travellers can turn to their Tour Director for any questions about the destination—even for something as simple as restaurant suggestions for lunch.

On-tour emergencies

Tour Directors are trained to handle any emergencies that might arise. Tour Directors, who have passed a background check and screening process, have 24-hour access to local EF offices as well as our worldwide and North American headquarters.

Your Tour Director will email you a few days before departure, and we recommend you discuss your group requests, medical conditions and any other important details at that time.

In the meantime, meet a few of our Tour Directors and learn about some of their favourite travel spots here.