It’s customary to tip your Tour Director, bus driver, and local guides as a token of appreciation.

Make it easy

We recommend Group Leaders collect each traveller’s tip money before the group leaves for tour, then exchange it for local currency—the euro in the example below—before you leave or while you’re travelling. To keep tips organized, use the convenient tip envelopes included in EF's "Preparing for Departure" kit, which arrives about two months before your tour. Many of our Group Leaders make tipping a fun farewell gesture on tour. Consider having students sign a card and present it with the group's tip to the Tour Director and bus driver before your trip ends.

Suggested tip amounts

Tour Director: Your Tour Director is with your group 24 hours a day, taking care of all the logistics on tour and becoming a partner and friend on the road. We suggest tipping your Tour Director the equivalent of $7 - 9 CAD per person, per day.

Bus Driver*: Set aside an additional $3 - $4 CAD per person, per day for your bus driver.

Local guides*: Plan to tip local guides the equivalent of $2 - $3 CAD per person, depending on the length of the excursion.

Tours that include a cruise: Gratuities for cruise staff are included in your EF program price.

*For planning purposes, ask your Tour Consultant for details about the number of guides you will have on tour and the number of days you will be with your bus driver. Your Tour Consultant can also answer questions about suggested tip amounts for countries that use currencies other than the euro.