A look back

From Remembrance Day in our nation's capital to the Vimy Memorial, Juno Beach and the celebration of Victory in Europe, EF Historic Event Tours bring history to life. Students gain a deeper understanding of the contribution made by our country to the great conflicts of the 20th century—and learning to last a lifetime.

D-Day: The 70th Anniversary
Date: June 2014
Event Summary: EF brought more than 1,000 students, cadets and veterans from across Canada to experience the cities, battlefields and landmarks that tell the story of the Second World War. 
Vimy Ridge: The 95th Anniversary
Date: April 2012
Event Summary: 4,000 students marked the 95th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge-Canada's most celebrated military victory-with EF on immersive tours that commemorated the sacrifices made by the brave soldiers of the First World War.

Where we've been

Working with partners at home and overseas, EF’s History Event tours include a wide range of programs and exclusive events that allow students and teachers to experience our past first-hand and learn for the future. Here are just a few highlights from past programs:

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