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1 WWII and the Liberation of Italy
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  1. Captures the Essence of History

    The Liberation of Italy tour was very educational and interesting due to the high quality and involvement of our Tour Director. The areas we toured also were spectacular and something I had always dreamed of visiting. The cultural, historical, and personal impact of the tour will stay with me for a long time.

    Tracing Canada's involvement in Italy during WWII was very educational. Though I knew that Canada was very involved in Italy in this campaign I was not as prepared for the scope of that involvement and what the landscape and demands of it were. As always the Canadians were required to handle the toughest terrain and assignments and rose to that challenge. The areas they liberated and the terrain and troops they faced must have been monumental.

    One experience that will always stay with me was participating in a bit of an impromptu Liberation Day ceremony with local diplomats and survivors of the battles in the Rimini Region. We were not expecting that interaction and I think it really hit home with our students that there were real people involved in these battles.

    The trip is somewhat intense for the Rome portion, and then is at a more leisurely pace which really allows you to become more immersed in the culture and historical elements of the places we were visiting.

    The accommodations and food were really top rate, as was the bus driver and comfort of the coach we traveled on.

    All in all, I was pleased with the historical aspects of the tour and the cultural parts really added to my appreciation of Italy as a great cradle of civilization.
    Gromit / Group leader
    Prince Albert, Saskatchewan / Posted on May 02, 2019

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