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1 Vimy 105: The Route of the Maple Leaf
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  1. Awesome Tour

    Overall my trip to Vimy Ridge was amazing in almost all aspects, except for the exception of two. For one, while the food was very good for the most part, I had a problem with our dinner at the best western in Ypres as the food was to bland and seemed very cheap. While I was okay with it I understood other peoples complaints as when your in Europe people expect to be served European food. I also had a problem with our restaurant in Paris on the second day. While the food was fine, the restaurant was in a very sketchy part of Paris where on the way we were harassed by several Parisians wanting to pickpocket us and that was the only time on the trip I was actually afraid or anxious. Next time maybe you could check the area the restaurant was in, rather than just the restaurant itself, because this was one of the only dampers on the trip. However, the second aspect of the trip that was unlikable was one of the hotels we stayed at, the Kyriad Dunquirke. My room on the first floor was infested with ants and when we asked for another room our new room didn't have enough space for the three of us as it had twin beds and little space for luggage nevertheless a third person. We had to switch with other people in our group and overall the ordeal lasted until 11 at night which was not ideal for our trip. Other than this however the trip was a blast and all the hotels and restaurants were wonderful. The amount of sites we saw as a group was perfectly balanced with our free time and I'd definetly go on the tour again if I had the chance.
    Orser99 / Student traveller
    Barrie, ON / Posted on April 22, 2017

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