• Fantastic Trip

    This was a fabulous trip. Our tour guide was knowledgeable, personable and very helpful. The bus was beautiful and the bus drivers were excellent drivers and were always friendly and helpful. We were able to see a lot more in a week than I could possibly have expected. The group was very compatible, cooperative, positive, considerate and adventuresome. I would do it again.
    Artsarge / Adult traveller
    Sugarloaf, PA / Posted on April 26, 2017
  • Breath Taking!

    This is my second trip with EF Tours ans once again I was blown away!! My daughter and I had an amazing time! I love how much fun was packed into one itinerary. Italy is rich in history and art! I can't wait to go back!
    Diva105 / Adult traveller
    Waynesville, NC / Posted on April 19, 2017
  • Italy is Amazing

    There is a lot packed into this tour. Very exciting. Tons of eye candy.
    I would have appreciated brochures or some sort of information sheet with the places we were going each day and mini descriptions. As well as local maps to be sure to get the sites in during free time. I loved all the information our tour guide gaves us, but felt a bit lost once we were off on our free time.
    We had the same meal for dinner to many times. I was very much looking forward to experiencing more of what Italy had to offer for foods.
    Vermont / Adult traveller
    Vermont / Posted on March 06, 2017
  • It was the best.

    The experience was great! Our tour guide and bus driver were incredible. The hotels were all nice and felt safe. One hotel had a ferris wheel. I payed 5 euros for it. It was worth it! We were there during carnival and people were throwing flour and confetti. It was cool to get the authentic experience. Florence reminded me of an old, european New York City. The long bus rides were great for napping. 10/10! Cinque Terre was gorgeous! The first stop during Cinque Terre would be great for swimming. The third hotel was the nicest. Lake Como was also beautiful. It would be cool to do more hiking on the trip. The one thing that I disliked was the guided tours. They were fine if you kept moving.
    thetravellingwitch / Student traveller
    Jeffersonville, VT / Posted on March 05, 2017
  • Cinque Terre

    Great locations for the hotels outside of the major city centers so kids can't get into mischief at night, yet plenty to see. Nice breaks on long stretches between sights, well organized. Only one minor concern - same meal was served for dinner four nights in a row. Overall, everything was excellent.
    Ducky123 / Group leader
    Hyde park, vt / Posted on March 05, 2017
  • Professional

    This was the second time I chaperoned an EF Tours and I was was very impressed by the professionalism and knowledge of our Tour Director.
    He capably handled 44 high school students making the trip educational, fun and memorable.
    While we were traveling he would add historically,politically informations making the time traveling very enjoable.His dress code was always very professional and appropriate.
    The hotels were very clean and customer service was good.
    I would defenetly recommend this tour and the Tour Director .
    Thank you.
    Stregaccia / Adult traveller
    Greenwich, Connecticut / Posted on February 26, 2017
  • Wonderful trip

    Italy was breathtaking, the scenery was amazing and the opportunity to experience the culture and history truly educational! Hard to say what my most favorite part or city was because it was all truly wonderful but Cinque Terre and Rome were spectacular! Lake Como, Forence, Pisa and the Vatican were all extraordinary! I enjoyed my EF Tour tremendously and would travel again on an EF Tour!
    Canadian1999 / Student traveller
    Mocksville, NC / Posted on July 11, 2016
  • Once in a Lifetime Experience

    For me it was wonderful...24/7 with a beloved granddaughter with Italy as a background! Fabulous!! The tour leader from the high school did a terrific job preparing her group for this eye opening experience in all aspects...what to expect from food served to accomadations...and they behaved accordingly. Beautifully done in spite of her falling ill and being hospitalized twice. Her well prepared daughter was able to step into her shoes and carry on without a glitch....a well oiled machine!!
    The tour guide that was with us throughout the journey did a masterful job through several monumental challenges. She knew and imparted historical facts all along the way in a very interesting fashion and answered all questions thrown at her.
    She was very attentive to the various needs of several who had various needs due to age, illness, heat and physical problems. She certainly rose to the occasion.
    She found interesting side trips for us to take which rounded out the whole trip perfectly. I can't say enough for her gracious professionalism!
    Mammy / Adult traveller
    Stewartstown, PA / Posted on July 10, 2016
  • Absolutely an Amazing Experience!

    This trip with my Daughter was amazing. There are so many sites to see in Italy. Almost too much to take in at once, took a lot of pictures for memories of this experience. Tour Director was excellent she provided in depth information about Italy and her efforts were noticed by our group. Was worth every penny...
    MGHJr / Adult traveller
    White Hall, MD / Posted on July 09, 2016
  • A lifetime experience

    At first, I thought this trip wouldn't be worth it as much because I knew I'd miss home so much. But after the first two days, it changed my point of view. The views were beautiful, the culture, just learning the culture and experiencing this amazing life changing trip with others helped me to not miss home so much. I loved meeting new people and exploring the different views as well as eating the different foods, and learning the different language. If I had to recommend this trip or any EF Tour trip to anyone, I would because it is such a lifetime experience you wouldn't want to miss.
    bomber225 / Student traveller
    North Wales, PA / Posted on July 09, 2016