• Can't wait to go back!!!

    We had an awesome time! Our guide was the absolute best!!! She kept all of us entertained and she was extremely knowledgable about all areas in our tour. Our accomodations were good, comfortable and convenient. When you are travelling with 40 teenagers and you can still say you had a terrific time, it must be the best!
    Vonnie / Adult traveller
    Drayton Valley, AB / Posted on December 03, 2010
  • excellent experience

    the tour was excellent and the kids had so much fun, the guides were knowledgeable and there was only one problem the bar was across their bedrooms , that was the only problem most parents did not like
    nkhaled / Parent
    Drayton valley , alberta / Posted on December 02, 2010
  • Once in a lifetime...Spain & Portugal

    This was my first time abroad and i have to say that it was everything i could've asked for and more. We were greeted by our guide as soon as we got to Madrid, Tiago was his name, and he was so friendly and welcoming to have a group of Canadian teens ready to explore the beauties of Spain and Portugal. Our hotel in Madrid was absolutely beautiful, we were all so excited to finally have reached our destination and we couldn't contain our excitement, so we all ended up staying up all night goofing off. Every stop on our tour we got the chance to have free time and explore the city completely free of chaperones, and that is the dream when you're a teenager in Europe. We also got the pleasure of going to Toledo and OMG! is was beautiful, i felt like i had gone through a time machine and ended up in a beautiful medieval kingdom, some of the most amazing scenery i have seen to date. After we spent roughly 5 days in Madrid we head out for our next leg of the trip which was the beautiful city of Salamanca. Our hotel was right downtown giving us the experience of the young and crazy life in spain. Salamanca was probably the favourite spot for a couple of us because Tiago took us out on the town, and we went dancing. AMAZING!!! After Salamanca we ventured off to Coimbra, and then Porto for port tasting, which is unlike anything i have ever tasted, so rich and full of flavour. Everywhere you looked the culture and beauty of Porto surrounded you. Our final days of this tour were spent in Lisbon Portugal and we had the pleasure of staying in a hotel right on the coast. Although it was not warm enough to go swimming we all couldn't resist. Being Canadians we are used to the cold and dove right in! Overall this was by far the best experience i have ever had in terms of travelling. Not only did i get to explore the beauties of Spain and Portugal, but i got to do so with some of my closest friends. Even though this was almost two years ago, we still talk about the unforgettable experience we all shared together. If you are ever presented with the opportunity to do this, DO NOT HESITATE!! Get those forms, tell your friends, jump on a plane and enjoy one of the most amazing experience life has to offer you. Great price, great friends, once in a lifetime to do so. What more could you ask for? EF Tours = A Great Time! Love love loved every moment!!!
    Jams / Student traveller
    Pickering, Ontario / Posted on December 02, 2010
  • Good Sights

    The trip brought us to some great location showing us beautiful sights and old european architecture. Good if interested in that kind of thing. If not, can often get dull.
    Sandy / Student traveller
    Ottawa, Ontario / Posted on December 02, 2010
  • excellent tour!!!!

    My daughter had the most awesome time of her life. She has the travel bug now and since graduating is saving her money to go back to Portugal. She loved trying different foods and meeting nice people. The boys were very cute as well. The connections were nothing to bad to complain about either the only thing she didn't like much was the long plane ride!
    Thyphen / Parent
    Saskatoon / Posted on December 02, 2010