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15 Culture in Spain and Portugal
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  1. Amazing time!

    My experience with EF tours was wonderful! My daughter had an amazing time in Spain and Portugal. The tour director kept us updated on their daily activities and also sent pictures of the amazing views! The price included flights, meals and hotels so the only thing we had to do was send tip and spending money. My daughter plans on traveling with EF again and I would certainly recommend them.
    Traveler2019 / Student traveller
    South Jersey, NJ / Posted on July 13, 2019
  2. Wow!

    Great experience. I especially liked Figueros and the Dali museum. Portugal was beautiful, quaint and historic. I felt I entered another world.
    Our tour director was lovely. She was gentle, knowledgeable and thoughtful. She didn't seem to be doing this job for the money. I have traveled with EF 2 times now and would go with EF again.
    Dancer / Student traveller
    Ontario / Posted on December 05, 2010
  3. Awstruck

    As a parent I would rate this as a once in a lifetime experience for my 18 year old. Now a 20 year old 3rd year university student. It was his first time traveling out of the country and he was amazed at the different experiences (culture, sights, adventures). It was also reasonably prized (as we on the lower end of middle class) and the fact that he saved for half the expenses made it that much sweeter. Every high school student should have this opportunity before they graduate.
    Bobo / Parent
    Stephenville, NL / Posted on December 03, 2010
  4. Fabulous tour!

    First of all, I'd like to thank EF Tours for creating such a beautiful experience for our students and myself! We went on a tour of Spain and Portugal which included Madrid, Toledo, Avila, Salamanca, Fatima, and Lisbon. Our tour guide, Janine, was first-rate. Her dedication, experience, and energy were an invaluable part of our trip. She made sure our rooms were ready when we arrived, coordinated all of our local guides so that they met us at the appointed place and time, and made sure she was always available to us to help when needed and answer all of our questions. We look forward to having her again on future tours with EF when we again will visit the European continent. I highly recommend EF Tours for the wonderful overall experience in travel enjoyment for students, teachers, parents, and anyone interested in a guided vacation.
    / Adult traveller
    Lockport, NY / Posted on April 22, 2018
  5. great dual experience for the price of one!

    Because I teach both Spanish and Portuguese at our school, this trip was a great opportunity to take both groups at the same time. Everything went well, our tour director was superb. The students enjoyed it very much. The overall experience exceeded our expactations, and the price was great for our urban budget!...
    Filipe / Group leader
    Lowell, MA / Posted on February 07, 2011
  6. Tour of a Lifetime!

    Our tour of Spain & Portugal was wonderful. Our director, the food, the scenery, the history, the accomodations and every other aspect of the trip was great. The highlight for me was spending two days on the beach in Portugal. It was hot out and it was fun to relax with friends and teachers in this type of atmosphere. Overall, it was a fantastic trip and I would recommend it to anyone!
    bmaggggg / Student traveller
    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan / Posted on January 04, 2011
  7. The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly in the.. (You know)

    Actually the rain was the only negative to minutely dampen an otherwise amazing experience. Ten days in Spain and Portugal during Easter was an absolutely phenomenal way to spend the break, despite the unseasonably wet and cool weather. Touching down in Madrid and meeting our wonderful and knowledgeable guide, before visiting the Royal Palace was an unbelievable way to begin our adventure. From Toledo to Salamanca and on to Coimbra, Fatima and Lisbon, with universities, cathedrals, wine tastings and free time thrown in, the trip only continued to get better with each passing day. Our lodgings, transportation and meals, as well as the numerous unique experiences we shared developed a sense of camaraderie that none of us will soon forget. It definitely made the trip and associated costs very worthwhile. I would definitely have no problem returning to experience this adventure again and again and again and...
    JustEd / Adult traveller
    Paradise, Nl. Canada / Posted on December 07, 2010
  8. Fabulous

    I would say the highlight of my trip to Spain and Portugal was seeing how different they live from us. We hear about it all the time but to experience it is quite a culture shock. It is an amazing experience to be a part of and I suggest it to anyone.
    Teeny / Student traveller
    Alberta / Posted on December 05, 2010
  9. Best experienc EVER!

    it was my first time traviling ! and the tour guide was a amazing and the veiws were breathe taking! they bring you to see the culture and famous sites! :) we went to old castles and ocean veiws, i wouldnt trade this experience for anything!
    Jess2010 / Student traveller
    pembroke onario , canada / Posted on December 05, 2010
  10. Growth Opportunity

    Great experience, however, far too much time on a bus and too heavily scheduled with church and museum tours. Europe is rich with culture that if presented in a fun and age appropriate manner, would be an amazing opportunity. Keeping in mind that these are young adults that will be on their own in just a few short months, they would get a great deal more out of the trip.
    Marr / Student traveller
    Saskatchewan / Posted on December 04, 2010

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