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  1. Rio Revelations

    This is an incredible journey... Rio de Janeiro has it all. Culture, history, ecology, beaches, shopping... you name it. Try to take extra excursions if you have the time. There is so much to do and see...
    CARIOCA / Group leader
    St. Louis, Missouri / Posted on March 21, 2016
  2. Life Experience

    The trip to Brazil was an eye openinng experience for our daughter. She had not had many opportunities to travel in her life so just the planning, the airport experience and going though the borders were all learning opportunities for her. She since has used those skills travelling across Europe and Canada.
    Another learning experience was having to travel with a group and share accomodations which can be challenging at times. This was an opportunity to learn how to 'give and take' during a travel experience.
    She had to deal with some gastrointestinal stuff which was also a learning experience. Now that she is a nursing student, this understanding of how it feels to be really sick is very helpful.
    But most of all, she had an absolutely amazing time. She loved Brazil and all of the experiences that she had there. She came off of the plane still flying high with her enthusiasm about the trip.
    Etta / Parent
    Ingersoll, Ontario / Posted on December 10, 2010
  3. Great Trip

    I had a great trip wit EF Tours, and saw so much more than if I would have went without a tour. Very organized trip.
    Ryan / Student traveller
    Ingersoll, Ontario / Posted on December 06, 2010
  4. Fun trip, low quality tour

    Tour guide/director were not very well prepared. We had an amazing time but I found I learned more about the city from my teacher chaperone then the people providing the tour.

    Also a lot of valuable time was spent on the bus driving and stuck in traffic. Although this is to be expected when traveling, 4 hours each way for a day trip seemed excessive, especially when we were told it would be only a 2 hour drive.

    Things I did like:
    - location of the hotel was great, close to the beach and very nice accommodations
    - soccer game (although we were not told that we would be going on it before we left)
    - meals were good
    - free time given was awesome
    - trip to rainforest was cool but slightly disappointing
    Jackie1234 / Student traveller
    Edmonton, Alberta / Posted on December 06, 2010
  5. Incredible Trip

    The trip was lots of fun, really well organized and overall an incredible experience!
    Mstrkrft / Student traveller
    Edmonton AB / Posted on December 02, 2010
  6. Beautiful country, bad tour

    I was so excited to go to Brazil, my brother went a month eairler and said wonderfull things about it, but to my suprise my trip went differently. The flight was pleasant and the arival went smoothly. I also liked the hotel we stayed in, the staff was friendly and did there best to accommodate all our needs, the breakfast buffet was also awesome! The thing i didnt like about our trip was our tour guides. We did alot of aimless wandering around to kill time and the day trips were not planned out well. We ate at the same resturant four times! and not to mention the food there was terrible. I regret not being able to taste more authentic brazilian food i also wish we got to see more of the rain forest, our so called day trip to explore the rainforst ended up being a half an hour hike there and back i was extreamly dissapointed. We were then promised another opportunity on the last day to either go on a boat ride or go back to see the rainforst. This was meant as a compensaition for all the poorly planned out trips from eairler in the week, but alas i was again dissapointed when my classmates and i woke up to find that there had been nothing planned for that day and there were no compensation trips. Overall i loved Rio and would want to go back but not with EF. The highlight of my trip was our day at the beach, It was the only hot day we had while we were so i thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Nato / Student traveller
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada / Posted on December 02, 2010
  7. Memorable Experience

    My son went on the Jewel of Brazil EFT Tour in 2008, it was only the second time he had travelled out of Canada and the first time travellling without family. The other students and supervisors became his family while away. He had an amazing time, saw alot of sites that he will remember for the rest of his life and made new friends. We would as parents would definately send our other children on an EF Tour without hesitation, it was a great experience!
    Tina / Parent
    High Level, Alberta / Posted on December 02, 2010

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