• Nice trip

    We had a very nice time. Our leader was well-informed and cooperative when we, as a group, wanted something a bit different from the prescribed itinerary. The coaches were nice, spacious and driven by nice folks.
    The hotel was nice. Helpful staff, good wifi and nice elevators plus the Metro was nearby and easy to access. The breakfasts were a bit skimpy, so I was glad I brought granola bars with me.
    There were nearby markets so we could get the necessaries we needed, and there were ample shopping opportunities at all price points.
    happilyretired / Adult traveller
    Cassadaga, NY / Posted on July 24, 2019
  • Wonderful Experience!

    The whole time while on the trip was surreal, from its people to its food, its open skies to the architecture, Paris was such a beautiful sight from the start! i cannot wait to return later in my lifetime. I enjoyed the fact that the trip was very well organized, we had little to no difficulties throughout the whole trip, I got to experience Paris in its truest form and I cannot express how grateful I am for this memory that I will forever cherish thanks to EF Tours.
    EPTX / Student traveller
    El Paso, Tx / Posted on July 23, 2019
  • shimmy up the pipe

    this would have been fun if the reservations actually went through, had good food, and we got to enjoy once in awhile. make some stops for complete enjoyment and get your business together you rotund mongoloid
    jizelle / Student traveller
    upyaarse,illinois / Posted on July 22, 2019
  • Wonderful experience

    Lots to see and do on our 8-day excursion to Paris. Loved all of the historical places we visited. Our tour guide was excellent - very informative, ensured everyone’s safety and had a great sense of humor. Would be nice to change up breakfast every few days rather than having the same menu each day. Would like to see better pre-planning on supper/dinner arrangements and menu to experience the full Parisian cuisine. Didn’t care for the free time; would like to see each day fully planned out during our trip.
    JRM01 / Adult traveller
    Tipton, MO / Posted on July 12, 2019
  • There was a lot of issues

    1. Tour Guide
    - he is not a tour guide. He just give us direction . Every time we go to place or site, he give us direction where to meet, we go around by ourselves, on our own.

    2. Transportation
    - we took metro almost the entire stay at Paris. That means walking miles.

    3. Meals
    - Dinner- first dinner, we have chicken and rice. The students ask for soda, it is not included. When I complain and that we were promised 4 course dinner, then they gave us crappy canned fruit.
    Vocal / Adult traveller
    Posted on April 29, 2019
  • Amazing Experience!

    I found my tour to be a fantastic experience. My school had over 70 student travellers and I found that EF was able to accomadate well in finding restaurants and hotels for a group of this size in a city like Paris. I found it incredible that my half of the group was able to be our tour guide's very first tour, and found him to be well trained as he didn't miss a beat. I would have found the trip a bit more fun if we had a bit more free time, as we visited the city during Easter week and had a full itinerary, we would get stuck in traffic and have very long days with very little free time to experience the culture on our own. Overall I was very impressed with how successful the trip was and look forward to travelling with EF again soon
    traveller77 / Student traveller
    East Bridgewater, MA / Posted on April 22, 2019
  • Too large of a group

    The tour and guides were amazing, BUT unfortunately our group was too big. Our group was fine, BUT EF decided to put another group with us therefore making it difficult to get onto the Metro and to tour the many sites. Also, the food at dinner was less than desirable. The first and last dinners were excellent and everything in between was subpar. The tour guides were extremely informative and great. EF mislead our lead chaperone that if we had so many in our group another group would NOT be put with us, yet it happened. Too large and too difficult to navigate Paris with that large of group. Disappointing.
    StylishMom / Adult traveller
    Detroit, MI / Posted on April 14, 2019
  • The most enlightening trip a person could take

    After paying monthly for 2 and 1/2 years, I went on the Paris trip with EF for about eight days. It was honestly the best time of my life because I experienced so much throughout the whole trip. From seeing the Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower, I really got to immerse myself into French culture and day to day life. For anyone whose thinking about going on this trip, DO IT! I was offered so many other places to go but I do not have a single regret about choosing Paris.
    Thaooooooo / Student traveller
    Grand Rapids, Michigan / Posted on April 10, 2019
  • Incredible Opportunity!

    The trip was amazing. From the education of the trip to the phenomenal tour guide, it was unforgettable.
    etaylor / Student traveller
    Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin / Posted on March 31, 2019
  • Life changing experience!

    Paris In-Depth was an incredible and enriching experience. It was an overall wonderful EF trip.
    Frenchy101 / Group leader
    Orlando, Florida / Posted on March 26, 2019