• The best

    The days were awesome! I loved meeting new people and seeing the sights! I wish we could’ve stayed out later/had more free time for a more organic experience! But overall it was amazing
    Natkap / Student traveller
    PA / Posted on July 06, 2019
  • Awesome, meet new people, but too much somedays

    Our group of 19 students, then other 2 schools joing (less then 5 students) wow! It was crazy! Out tour lady was amazing!! But be prepared to have a lot of movement, sleep for a few hours in hotels, then move to another one, have 1 nice hotel, then have 1 crappy one, more then 3 kids sleeping in 1 room, sometimes in the floor. Americans are NOT used to the European lifestyle (always on the go), it was too much for us, we need it more free time. Checking my pictures I didn't have a chance to take any on my own, but a lot to the students. We have to constantly go to places, get late to the hotel (expect the hotel to be an 1hr away), get up next day at 7am to have breakfast, get to the bus and ready for the next adventure. Sunrise is around 10pm. Time is important for the tour guide person. You will not have the same bus or same hotel(don't bother unpacking, only the last 2 days of the trip you will sleep in the same hotel) You have very short of time to see places, then you meet on a spot, have dinner, go back to the metro or bus, then the hotel. The good part is, that we make new friends.
    Awarelady80 / Adult traveller
    Austin, Texas / Posted on July 01, 2019
  • Great tour guide great experience

    Great experience
    19sevensix / Student traveller
    Effort pa / Posted on June 30, 2019
  • Amazing dreams

    Living life is educational. This tour did just that. Educated me and fulfilled a dream
    pappasmurf / Adult traveller
    Clarksville,TN / Posted on April 02, 2019
  • Great Trip

    Great way to introduce students to different countries and maximize your time and money. Tour leader helps navigate lines for attractions and helps with transportation. This is not a trip for sleeping. You are constantly moving but still have some free time to explore, shop, or eat different foods. While there is an itinerary, you do get some impute on things you want to see. Amazed how well students adapt and take responsibility for their passports and money. Really is a growing experience for the students and challenges their Spanish/French speaking skills. We had some EF employees on our trip with us and they were a wonderful addition to our group. Really gave us a great perspective of the company. Can't say enough good things about our Tour Guide Silvia. We loved hearing her say Hola Chicos!
    Iowaparent / Adult traveller
    Johnston, IA / Posted on July 23, 2018
  • Great trip

    We had a great trip! We hit the ground running in Paris—straight to the Louvre. I would have liked an extra day in Paris, but understand the scheduling, and I wouldn’t have wanted to miss any of the other sites, either. I enjoyed the variety of places we visited, and liked the bus ride through France and Spain. The buses were very comfortable. The hotels were clean but small rooms—which was expected. The breakfasts were good as were the provided evening meals. Our tour guide was amazing—lots of positive energy and knowledge about the history of the areas. All in all a wonderful trip—would love to do it again!
    1parent1 / Adult traveller
    Posted on July 22, 2018
  • Love this trip

    This trip was absolutely amazing, jam-packed with sights. Our tour guides we awesome, very knowledgeable and friendly. It was definitely an experience of a lifetime!!!
    Daniw / Adult traveller
    New Philadelphia , OH / Posted on July 20, 2018
  • Eye opening experience

    Even though our tour started out a little rocky over all I had a wonderful time. I met some amazing people and saw places I had only seen in movies. We were gone for 12 days but looking back now it seems to have just flown by with many great memories.
    TripChanger / Adult traveller
    Camden, NC / Posted on July 13, 2018
  • Not the experience we hoped for!

    This tour was supposed to be Amazing!!! When my daughter arrived in Paris she told the tour director she needed to use the restroom (after a long flight)., she was told "No, there is not time". They then waited 45 minutes for the tour bus which was late...she could have used the restroom! The group was given 15 minutes to throw their things in their room and because they were late they were not able to eat. (so now it has been 21 hours since a regular meal). they were dropped off at the Louvre and told to meet at a certain point in 2 1/2 hours....so, no real information or guidance at the Louvre. They were then given an option to ride the boat down the Seine,but because everything was late and they were tired only 4 out of 17 did the boat ride, which included time to see the Eiffel Tower. The next day my daughter said that they were omitting the Eiffel tower...who does that on a trip to Paris? Tour director blamed teacher and teacher stated it was the tour directors decision. Had it been explained the night before about how amazing a ride down the Seine is and you will see Eiffel Tower at night they might have had a more positive experience. The other school that shared their bus did not go to Versailles on day two...they went to the Eiffel Tower! The tour director spoke poorly of the other group to my daughter's group and vice-versa. He was rushed and acted like he really did not want to be there. They were dropped off at the gift shop of NotreDame. It was not explained to them that they should probably want to go inside to see it. They went to cathedrals and were not told they should not be wearing tank tops, shorts and flip flops. My daughter felt uncomfortable and over heard local people speaking badly about how some were dressed. The rooms did not look like the pictures. Food choices were made for them which were not very appetizing except when it was just pasta and bread, which you can only stand so much of in 10 days even as a teen. She enjoyed seeing the sights and had more value from the tour guides who came on the bus at different intervals. She enjoyed Barcelona and the beach (a warning about topless people would have been nice, just to prepare them). the connecting flight was too short to get through customs. Three students got TSA precheck, everyone else was stuck in customs and security. 1 1/2 hours is not enough time. One of the girls left and flew home, everyone else missed the flight and fortunately were able to take the next flight home (they gave away their seats to those on the later flight or else who knows when you would find a flight with 17 seats for minors.) This trip was quite expensive and we had higher hopes for a memorable experience. I do not believe our school will use EF in the future.
    Kamea / Parent
    Tracy, CA / Posted on July 01, 2018
  • Amazing

    What an AMAZING trip. Our groups tour guide was fabulous and did a great job keeping us on schedule, informed, and sharing his knowledge. I highly recommend this trip for any student wanting to see the highpoints of both France and Spain.
    readytotravel / Adult traveller
    Anchorage, Alaska / Posted on June 27, 2018