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184 Paris to the Pyrenees
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  1. Experience of a lifetime!

    I had the best time travelling Europe with my friends, I’ll never forget this trip!!
    dmarie2980 / Student traveller
    Louisiana / Posted on August 16, 2018
  2. Neat experience

    Cool seeing famous things and learning the history of it. It was neat seeing the different things that the people did, and learn how to adjust to the culture. The food was amazing of what I liked and tasted. It was so amazing and awesome going on this trip, and I would go again. The views were brilliant and breathtaking. Saw and tried different things that went familiar to me, and liked the things that we were doing.
    Maddoe / Student traveller
    Posted on June 20, 2017
  3. Incredible Experience!

    This trip was an amazing trip to share with my son. So many opportunities to see sites we'd only read about or seen in pictures, it was an incredible opportunity to learn about both history and present day influences. Our Tour Director was beyond fantastic! He really made the experience meaningful and fun.
    Happytraveler2 / Adult traveller
    Hagerstown, MD / Posted on April 17, 2017
  4. Awesome time!

    My students had the time of their lives on this trip. It was amazing to get to see so many places and show them both cities and small towns along the way. They really got to do and see so much in such a short time and our tour director was amazing at making sure everything was planned out perfectly.
    CJak / Group leader
    Denver, CO / Posted on April 06, 2017
  5. Beautiful Tour

    It was action packed and intense the first couple of days but in the best way. There was so much to see and do. It was extremely exhausting but beautiful. We were in Paris for the first two days which was extremely picturesque. We then continued onto Bordeaux and saw a chateau. The countryside of France was a nice breath of fresh air and helped slow down the pace of the trip. Then we traveled along the southern parts of France which were all very quaint little towns. One of the best days, in my opinion was the day we started in a small costal village (st. Jean de luz) in France and crossed over the boarder to (San Sebastian) Spain. We finished that day in Pamplona, Spain. That day was full of beautiful towns and lovely scenery. The next day we toured Pamplona which was full of Spanish character. We continued to Barcelona. Barcelona is just as much fun as it is led up to be. The hype is real, Barcelona is full of life and history and culture. I really enjoyed the last two days of the trip in Barcelona. It was beautiful and calming but also exciting. The trip was overall incredible. Or tour guide was spectacular. This being my second EF tour I am extremely grateful for the places I've been and the experiences I have had. The memories and friendships that EF has provided me are ones that I will cherish forever.
    Anitas / Student traveller
    Branson, MO / Posted on March 20, 2017
  6. Fantastico

    What an utterly fantastic experience for myself and my daughter!!! The perfect combination of history, architectural and natural wonders, new and delicious food, and great adventure. Our guides were knowledgeable, interesting, fun, organized, and wonderful!

    I couldn't be more pleased with all we saw, learned, and experienced!

    Thank you!!!!!
    LBSB / Adult traveller
    Bellevue, WA / Posted on March 04, 2017
  7. Smiles all around

    When my daughter returned home from her EF tour in her last year of high school, it was hard to peel her off the ceiling for nearly a week. The stories that she told about the places that were visited and enjoyment had by all, were endless. Seeing how life exists in other countires first hand is truly a gift. Reading about lifestyles and architecture in textbooks, isn't quite the same as breathing the air and tasting the cuisine, or even manipulating the traffic in Paris. From the many photos and stories, I know that being on this tour with close friends is an experience that has enriched her and it is also one that she will reflect upon often as she grows and makes her own place in this world.
    Musha / Parent
    Corner Brook, NL / Posted on December 06, 2010
  8. Awesome Trip!!

    My trip from Paris to the Pyrenees was very amazing! Every detail, from where we went, what we did and who we were with was awesome! Everyone was super nice and we didn't run into any trouble except one schedule change but we didn't miss any activity we just simply switched days! So I have no complaint about this trip, it was everything I thought it would be! The tour guides and bus drivers were very nice and caring and we had plenty of time to do everything we needed to do. Even the hotels were nice! The trip had a nice variety of activities and it was lots of fun!
    Meowzer / Student traveller
    Regina, Saskatchewan / Posted on December 03, 2010
  9. I couldn't get enough!

    From Paris to the Pyrenees was my first tour and it's kept me coming back for more. I'm so glad we chose to do the extension on this tour. The sites and sounds of madrid and day trips to El Escorial, and Toledo really ended the tour on a very high note for myself and my students!

    From the perspective of a history teacher, there was plenty on offer with every stop. Our tour director, Phillippe, even found extra stops to throw in along the way that further enriched our experience. The overall caliber of accomodation and food was also good. EF staff supported us from departure to return without issue; they handled things so well that nothing seemed to go awry.

    This tour is fantastic! It has variety, culture, geography, history, language, and fun built in along the way. The smaller stops brought the unexpected bonus of smaller towns and local folks. We stopped in Cognac for the weekend market with fresh produce and baked goods (best croissants I've ever had!!!).

    Since this trip I've toured again (Italy and Greece 2010), but this trip holds a special place in my memory. We look forward to planning and travelling again (and again and again).

    Take this tour, you will not regret it.
    Dunks / Adult traveller
    Toronto, Ontario / Posted on December 02, 2010
  10. Great Trip

    Great way to introduce students to different countries and maximize your time and money. Tour leader helps navigate lines for attractions and helps with transportation. This is not a trip for sleeping. You are constantly moving but still have some free time to explore, shop, or eat different foods. While there is an itinerary, you do get some impute on things you want to see. Amazed how well students adapt and take responsibility for their passports and money. Really is a growing experience for the students and challenges their Spanish/French speaking skills. We had some EF employees on our trip with us and they were a wonderful addition to our group. Really gave us a great perspective of the company. Can't say enough good things about our Tour Guide Silvia. We loved hearing her say Hola Chicos!
    Iowaparent / Adult traveller
    Johnston, IA / Posted on July 23, 2018

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