• Awesome experience

    Our tour was amazing! Food, lodging, sites, and tour guide was all top notch! I strongly recommend!
    TheLouve / Group leader
    Posted on July 07, 2019
  • Trip of a Lifetime!

    Our Paris, Normandy and Brittany tours were outstanding. Our tour guide was funny and articulate, giving us SO much history and insight into the places we visited, as well as the culture and people of each region. The weather was beautiful everywhere we visited and the tour bus was very comfortable.
    MusicTeacher2019 / Adult traveller
    Meno, OK / Posted on July 01, 2019
  • In France (Yay) with Horrible Food (Boo)

    Overall, we are glad our student went. Our student loved the experience, speaking french and seeing the rich culture. We were, however, immensely disappointed that, in a place where some of the greatest food in the world is prepared (France), our student went to eat at Subway and McDonald's. My child does not eat fast food and is also not a picky eater but said food served to them tasted like rubber tires.
    FrenchStudentParent / Parent
    Dayton, OH / Posted on April 29, 2019
  • Amazing

    My son did this tour with his French class and was amazed! He had an awesome time, the tour guides were brilliant, food was great and the sites beautiful! Normandy was his absolute favorite! Great tour!!!
    / Parent
    Warren, MI / Posted on April 06, 2019
  • Phenomenal

    This was an incredible trip. The itinerary was a perfect balance of history, culture, and fun.
    LWfrench / Group leader
    NY / Posted on February 25, 2019
  • Amazing Trip to France!

    My daughter had a wonderful time in France! EFT was such an organized program that I never once worried about her safety. We were informed every step of the way as to where they were and what they were doing. They saw fabulous sites that were educational as well as entertaining! I would highly recommend this program to any parent who wants their child to enjoy a trip abroad!
    Cyn841 / Student traveller
    St. Louis, Missouri / Posted on August 03, 2018
  • Best Tour Guide Ever!!

    The tour itself was absolutley beautiful. The weather called for rain a couple days and although it never did, the breeze that came with it was much appreciated. We were comfortavle wearing shorts and t shirts the whole trip. On average we walked 7 miles a day and loved every second of it.
    Everywhere we went our tour guide gave us a good amount of free time to take pictures and shop! He always told us the best photo ops and where the cutest shops were. If it was available he told us where the ATM would be as well. He told us tons of stories (true and fictional) and he was easy to get along with. Everywhere we visited, He gave us a little history lesson about the place. And he actually made it interesting! By the end of the trip, our entire group wanted selfies and a group hug.
    Allie983930240 / Student traveller
    Jefferson city, Missouri / Posted on July 25, 2018
  • It got better every day!!

    This was such a great time! I really don’t like having strangers in with our group you just never know what you’re going to get. If there was anything a group could do to get a tour by themselves I would do all I could to make that happen. I won’t go into detail but both tours I’ve been on the additional random people made everything chaotic and awkward. The first hotel we got almost made me cry - it was so hot and no air conditioning or a fan to get any relief it was unbearable. The second hotel was a little better but still no a/c. The 3rd hotel was wonderful and the final hotel was THE BEST! The food kind of followed the same pattern as it only got better as the tour progressed. Our tour guides were beyond magical. They were so kind and wanted to make sure we had the best time! I hope to go on another trip in 2 years and we will request the same guides. Thanks for the memories!!!♥️♥️
    AmericanMommaBear / Adult traveller
    Indianapolis, Indiana / Posted on July 16, 2018
  • Such a wonderful experience!

    I loved the beaches we went to (3 different ones) and the little towns like Honfleur, Etretat, St. Malo, and Mont St. Michel.
    Mikk / Student traveller
    Plainfield, Indiana / Posted on July 14, 2018
  • advise caution

    I would give this tour overall a fair rating. some aspects of the tour were great. the local tour guides were awesome and very informative. Our personal guide was not very helpful and often was hard to understand and also keep up with. She did not check to make sure everyone was with her on walking tours before talking therefore some of us missed hearing the information she was giving. The food provided on the trip was not very good and they did not make an effort to interduce us to local cuisine. We often hurried from place to place with not even time to take good pictures or read materials in the museums. Our tour was changed from the very beginning. we singed up for one tour and was given another stating that the one we signed up for was not possible yet while we were on our tour we ran into another EF tour group on the same tour as our original booking.
    VicDutch / Adult traveller
    Cape Girardeau MO / Posted on June 26, 2018