• Disappointed

    I thought everything could have been better planned. Too much bus time. Hotels far away from anything. We were given free time to shop when stores were closed. Meals were cheep and repetitive. Bus driver got into an accident and was using profanity while driving. We were robbed in our hotel room.
    Megonot / Adult traveller
    Linwood, NJ / Posted on July 05, 2019
  • Great tour of Southern France

    This was my second tour with EF. As before, the tour guide was great and we had an opportunity to see a lot of the country. A lot of history and a person has an opportunity to learn a lot about France
    cledeb / Adult traveller
    Cleveland, OH / Posted on July 02, 2019
  • Great tour

    Our tour director was phenomenal. He anticipated questions and was incredibly patient. The bus tour guide in Paris was also excellent. We saw so much in a short time, and it was a great value.

    The nightly dinners were the only low point. There wasn’t enough variety or vegetables. It didn’t seem to represent French culture.
    Lcbe / Adult traveller
    Richmond, va / Posted on June 30, 2019
  • Great experience

    My daughter had a great time in France! One of her dream trips! The only thing she would change is the time allowed for shopping, not enough...& time spent traveling on bus, it would be more fun if they had a smaller area to cover so they could take in more of the sights & less bus time. Otherwise, a super trip!!!
    CS64 / Student traveller
    Grand Junction Colorado / Posted on June 12, 2019
  • France 2019 10/10

    I liked seeing the monuments and going with my friends. I didn’t like that we couldn’t order the food that we wanted, and that the menu was already picked out. Hotels were ok except for WiFi signals were inadequate.
    MAAC / Student traveller
    Wildwood, MO / Posted on May 22, 2019
  • Profoundly Fun

    I loved all the tours, our local tour guide, the main bus driver, the cities and the total experience. I did not like that our nicest meal was replaced by the 3rd time of cold tasteless chicken, hard rice, no veggies, and No CREME BRULEE... only about 1/4 of an apple in orange juice. The hostels were clean and nice. The people and the destinations were magnificent. The tour itenerary was great! Just when I was pooped out we had a 2-4 bus ride to the next wonderful destination. Overall a wonderfully memeorable experience.
    Smoothtravels / Adult traveller
    Dayton OH / Posted on April 23, 2019
  • Too Fast Tour

    For the trip to be scheduled for 10 days, it was too fast paced, not enough time to enjoy touring spots.
    Andy621 / Student traveller
    Detroit, Michigan / Posted on April 18, 2019
  • Some highlights, not my favorite tour

    Although we had some amazing moments like Paris by night, the food was often disappointing and the itinerary could be improved. Not enough time in Paris and Lyon and too much in the Loire Valley. If you go, ask they eliminate the Chartres stop and head straight to Paris instead.
    Frenchie123 / Group leader
    Bloomfield Hills, Mi / Posted on April 09, 2019
  • Wonderful guide and trip

    our guide was outstanding!
    Strasbourg / Group leader
    St Louis Mo / Posted on March 27, 2019
  • Nice itinerary / flexible freetime

    I enjoyed the trip to Nice, Avignon, Arles, Amboise, and Paris. There was plenty of free time. Some good activities to do with a nice variety. I would include a little more time at Palais de Papes since they now have an interactive iPad tour. Not everyone needed the time but some would have liked it.

    The hotels were comfortable even though a couple were outside of the city we had activities in and made bus time lengthier.

    Our tour director did an amazing job of making sure that all five groups within our one group had needs met. It would have been ideal to have only a French speaking group rather than a mixed English/French but I understand it was unavoidable, however, when French teachers are bringing students on a tour rather than a homestay, the desire is for their students to hear and use as much French as possible. It was disappointing not to get that opportunity.

    Breakfasts at all of the hotels were more plentiful than I remembered from 6 years ago. Hotel staff were friendly and accomodating.

    Wifi was available at all hotels and appreciated to keep parents up to date on activities and pictures.

    Meals were in nice establishments and with the exception of one, well staffed and service was great.

    It would have been nice not to have changed busses quite so much. It was hard to keep up with who to tip and how much when we had given our students a set amount before departure based on having one bus, driver, and tour guide. One bus driver to the airport actually asked me for a tip. Another bus had broken glass on the seat and although there was time during the bateau mouche ride, it was not cleaned from the seat. The bus that took us to the chateaux was smelly and he didn't lock the bus while at one chateaux so I did not tip him. We had 4 different busses and they all expected a tip.

    One disappointing thing was that the itinerary said Monaco casino and we only did the palace, garden and church. We did not even drive by the casino. Even though students are not allowed into the casino, they were still looking forward to see the expensive cars and stores surrounding it.

    Overall, it was a good trip and we saw and did much.
    JDEHS4525 / Adult traveller
    MO / Posted on March 27, 2019