• Like A Dream

    This was a phenomenal experience for my daughter & I. Spending time in Paris then traveling to the South of France to see all the cities along the Mediterranean was incredible. Not only did she learn a great bit about the area but I did as well. I definitely would recommend this trip to anyone with an interest in France.
    TinaS / Adult traveller
    Decatur, AL / Posted on July 23, 2019
  • Paris was good, but Cote d'Azure was breathe takin

    Fantastic trip, well organized and well thought out. The itinerary was very thorough and the well put together, I enjoyed the special treats like river boat cruise, and cruise on the Med.
    Hotel accommodations need to be re-inspected by EF staff, fell short of my expectations.
    Dristig2019 / Adult traveller
    Magnolia, Texas / Posted on July 21, 2019
  • Multi-School Combination

    We had a good time and the trip was well worth the money and exhaustion. My only real complaint is about being combined with other school with whom we have no previous relationship. The other school had different standards of behavior which frustrated our students who are used to following expectations (including EF Tour rules).
    AFICS2019 / Adult traveller
    Indianapolis, IN / Posted on July 09, 2019
  • Where did my money go?

    My overall experience wasn’t the best. The food selection wasn’t good with the same meal three nights and no authentic cuisine. You are kept from your hotel all day and carry luggage all the time. Bus drivers can really effect your experience as they are either late or unwilling to accommodate bathroom emergency and weather. A lot of details about boarding and excursions weren’t discussed until after payment and shortly before leaving. If the details of the trip were disclosed, I definitely wouldn’t have booked the trip. Of course I enjoyed being in Europe but got my first and only experience traveling overseas, it was much below expectations.
    EuropeanExplorer2019 / Adult traveller
    Dallas TX / Posted on July 05, 2019
  • Fun but extremely hot

    The tour was extremely fun and educational but there was no air conditioning and the food was kind of disappointing and gross, especially for a vegetarian.
    GabbieRose / Student traveller
    Mays Landing, New Jersey / Posted on July 05, 2019
  • Mostly really good, a little bit bad

    I went to Paris and the French Riviera with my 16 year old daughter. We loved our tour guide and the I think the tour got it right in terms of the # of days at each location. We hit all the highlights in Paris and also in the South of France. We went swimming three times in the South of France which was an experience we will never forget! The bad part was that I think it was too much walking in Paris for exhausted 16 year olds. It was really hot and there are not a lot of restrooms so some girls and adults got dehydrated. I wish there were more scheduled stops to use the restroom. Other than that, I would highly recommend!
    / Adult traveller
    Phoenix / Posted on June 29, 2019
  • Étonné

    I didn’t really know what to expect as a chaperone on an EF trip and was pleasantly surprised. Our EF guide(s) clearly cared about our students and their experience. We traveled with high school students and it was the perfect blend of guidance and supervision with a measure of independence. Our guides were warm, enthusiastic, and engaging as well as informed and clear regarding expectations. While our schedules were packed, I think our students appreciated the full nature of our days. I do wish our evening accommodations had been a bit more centrally located and the dinners were a bit of a mixed bag, but for the price, I think these things were more than satisfactory.
    EncoreAvecSentiment / Adult traveller
    Portland, Maine / Posted on May 04, 2019
  • Comprehensive, exhausting!

    At first, I balked at the cost of accompanying my child to France on her French class trip. However, after our 9 day tour of France, I can honestly say that we received a comprehensive and extensive tour of Paris, Provence and Nice. Pros: Very accommodating and experienced tour guide, packed-full agendas, transfers to bus, train, into hotels, etc., without problem. Cons: Sometimes the pace was a little too hectic (even for the kids!). Evening meals were heavy and didn't sit well with most of the kids. Other than that, highly recommend EF Tours.
    Cinners / Adult traveller
    Jackson, NH / Posted on May 02, 2019
  • Prepare, Prepare

    This was a once in a lifetime experience. But do your research on the tour you are taking. We where paired with 2 other groups with different itineraries in the 3 days we spent in Paris, which lead to some free time for us which was ok. But we taught we would have a guide with us all the time while exploring the city. When you have never traveled out side your own country before and don't speak the local language, it is very uneasy when you are trying to get around. Our guide when we had him was great! He went out of his way the second day of free time to be with us. The kids loved the trip, but wished it would be at a slower pace. Be prepared for a lot of walking around (10,000) steps a day in Paris. Overall the weather was great in April, you meet a lot of nice people and get to experience true French history and culture up close. We as a group know what to expect next time when booking a tour. Glad we did it!!!
    river / Group leader
    Trout river, newfoundland/Canada / Posted on May 02, 2019
  • Unforgettable

    The overall tour was one of the best experiences I've ever had in my life. I had such a good time, and being around people that I liked made it even more special. The only thing I disliked was the dinners and breakfast. I was expecting a lot more than just meat and potatoes every night. However, being able to buy my lunch made it easier to enjoy authentic French cuisine. Overall, it was an amazing trip!
    PopTart / Student traveller
    Mesa, AZ / Posted on March 25, 2019