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  1. Best Vacation of a Lifetime

    I got to go on my school trip to Paris and Barcelona through EF Tours. Leading up I was extremely excited to see what I would be doing along with all the amazing history I would be learning. It was truly breathtaking that I got to experience seeing the Eiffel Tower up close, something I would never imagine myself doing. The people I went with, I made friendships that last a lifetime, especially making friends with people I would never imagine. If you get the opportunity to travel, do it!! Especially with EF since they give you more opportunities along with the lowest price guaranteed!
    eao430 / Student traveller
    Windham, NH / Posted on January 29, 2019
  2. First European Experience

    I am a history teacher and went on this trip with my daughter sho is a senior. This was my first tour to Europe. Always wanted to go and never thought I would have the opportunity. Enjoyed it so much I'm sponsoring a trip myself. To actually see things first hand is very different than studying it in a book. This was truly an amazing opportunity.
    Teacher23 / Adult traveller
    Barbourville, Ky / Posted on May 03, 2018

    This tour was everything I wanted and more. I have no complaints whatsoever about the tour. Everything was completely smooth sailing and I never once felt unsafe or bored. All the activities were carefully and well thought out and there is no other way I would have been able to see all that I did in 7 days without this tour. Our tour director was AMAZING and made the trip so memorable I honestly could not have imagined it without him. The trip in terms of my education was very fulfilling in that I was able to see the things I had talked about in my Spanish and history classes up close and personal before exams rolled around. I truly believe there is no better teacher than traveling and EF demonstrated just that. I will definitely recommend this tour as well as EF to anyone looking for an amazing experience.
    Iree / Student traveller
    Stafford, Virginia / Posted on April 25, 2017
  4. Paris/Barcelona

    This trip was truly a once and a lifetime experience. We got to see many amazing attractions and sights that many around the world would die to see. I totally would recommend this trip to any who want to sign up. One thing to also know is that if you sign up for this trip, expect lots and lots of waking!
    typicalv / Student traveller
    Olney, Maryland / Posted on April 23, 2017
  5. Awesome Trip

    It was a great learning experience for students! They came away with a whole new perspective and had many cherished memories to take home with them. Their families were very appreciative of this opportunity and expressed their gratitude.
    lilz / Group leader
    Honolulu, HI / Posted on April 04, 2017
  6. Fun Trip

    Amazing, interesting, insightful. The tour guides were excellent, They were fun and knowledgeable. Very helpful!
    KitKate / Student traveller
    Danbury ct / Posted on July 20, 2019
  7. Elementary Experience

    EF could do a better job of providing details up front and sharing the plan for meals. I was disappointed that the meals were not authentic to the area in many cases. Some meals were catered to picky american eaters (students) so we got chicken or pork cooked in bland ways instead of local flare.
    nickname21 / Adult traveller
    Posted on July 20, 2019
  8. Worth the extension to Bilbao!

    During this trip, we always felt provided for by EF. Our tour director and all of our local tour guides were wonderful and extremely knowledgeable! This trip definitely served its purpose for being educational and was well structured for teenagers. In the past, there has usually been a choice between two main dishes at dinner at whatever restaurant we go to. I don't know if EF has changed how they do this, but we did not receive choices. Instead, we just had a main dish given to us. Although the main dishes were usually pretty good, I felt that it would have been better if we had a choice between something more authentic and something that Americans like to eat. Most of our dinners were Americanized instead of authentic. All of our hotels were beyond what I expected! They were extremely nice and we thoroughly enjoyed them. I appreciated that our tour director tried to tell my students how to blend in with each culture so that we were less likely to be targets for pickpockets. It also encouraged the students to try to speak the language and interact with locals in a way that would make them feel comfortable! The extension to Bilbao was definitely worth it and was probably everybody's favorite part of the trip!
    FrenchTeacher2019 / Group leader
    Joplin, MO / Posted on July 19, 2019
  9. Paris and Barcelona

    What a wonderful experience and great time! This is the second EF Tour I have been on and found them both to be fabulous. Two suggestions:
    1. Provide options for dinner so we can choose what we would like to have which would allow us more of a chance to be in control of trying the local foods.
    2. On travel days, provide an opportunity for the guests to check into hotels once they arrive to drop off luggage and take showers before beginning the itinerary.
    Pelicanhead / Adult traveller
    Radford, VA / Posted on July 18, 2019
  10. So many things to see

    As a 22 yr veteran teacher, and this bring my 3rd out of the country trip with students, here are my thoughts:
    -it seemed all our “hands on” activities were saved till last day or two-those need to be spaced out and every other day ex:bike tour, scavenger hunt, cooking class
    -students need to hear info for a day or two, then move around and do something themselves (like the above mentioned)
    -dinners were scheduled WAY WAY too early and kids were starving by 9pm. The problem seemed to be that lunch and dinner were only a few hours apart, so no one seemed very hungry at dinner.
    Everyone on the trip seemed to spend so much extra money on food in the evenings. As a parent, and with the cost of the trip, there seems to be a need to make a few adjustments to the schedule so kids can use their extra money for adventures instead of food.
    Maybe instead of always having dinners scheduled, why not have a lunch or two and not always a dinner? Then, students can pay for their evening meal and make it later than the 5:30-6:00pm that was scheduled.
    -metro tickets need to be purchased from our tour guide ahead of time, we spent so much wasted time in the metro waiting for tickets.
    -a short description with excursions and basic info would be great for the bus rides, when the guide is talking-kids have more ownership to the info with something in their hand. On other tout we did, not with EF, kids were all given a small journal and we had them writing stuff down-that was a cool token and reminder.
    -overall the trip was good, but there were definitely ways to make it more efficient and enjoyable for all.
    Sporty2828 / Adult traveller
    Lake Charles, La / Posted on July 14, 2019

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