• Never a dull moment!

    This tour was amazing! It was packed full of wonderful adventures for students and chaperones. It peaked everyone's interest with diverse activities, such as: a pineapple farm visit and packing plant, snorkeling, walking around city ruins, traveling to an indigenous village visit, boating around a lake and river to see wildlife. It was incredible, humbling, and very HOT and sweaty.
    KWest / Group leader
    Michigan / Posted on April 08, 2019

    I worked from home the day she got home and lets just say.....I got NO work done b/c all she did was talk, talk, talk about her amazing trip. She said, everyday got better and better. The other group that was with them were a great group of kids as well. The trip was filled with wonderful experiences! She could not have had more fun and I could not be happier!
    Tortugas / Student traveller
    Long Valley, NJ / Posted on April 02, 2019
  • Wow that was... AMAZING!

    This trip was amazing. The tour director was so nice and all of the places we went were so cool. If you want to go on this trip, DO IT!! Also bring a hand fan because that was great to have.
    AmberMakesCheese / Student traveller
    CO / Posted on March 12, 2019
  • Panama adventure

    I’m reviewing this on behalf of my 16 yr old so who just returned from a week in Panama. Anyone with a teenage son knows how hard it is to get them to tell you anything. After he returned he spent the next 2 days telling me all kinds of amazing facts he learned on this trip. He loved the tour director in Panama, and was thankful for his overall knowledge which certainly brought the trip to life. Son loved the hotel, the pace of the trip and the overall itinerary. Only minor comment of complaint was the lack of selection of dinner choices the last 2 nights ( only chicken and fish- but the fish was delicious). I think after 5 days away the kid just wanted a reveal hamburger!
    He’s already signed up for another EFTour summer 2020!
    / Parent
    Williamsville, NY / Posted on February 24, 2019
  • Amazing Experience

    This was easily the best week of my life. I bonded with so many of the students from my school that I do not normally talk to and now have memories that will last me forever.
    AutEp / Student traveller
    Alden / Posted on October 22, 2018
  • Wonderful Memories

    My daughter had a wonderful fun filled experience in Panama. She got to explore the city, the culture, the food, and natural surroundings. Her guide and bus driver were fabulous and loved my all in her group.
    Mommof2 / Student traveller
    Perkasie, pa / Posted on August 14, 2018
  • Great Educational Experiance!

    Learned a lot about not only the biodiversity but the culture and the way the country functions as well! I felt safe and curious and happy the whole trip! Everyone should go! This trip really opened my eyes to how the world works (Panama Canal) and I have a new appriciation for how hard people work to keep trade routes running 24/7. Learned about conservation programs as well, which made the biodiversity component of the trip my favorite part.
    ReptileGirl2468 / Student traveller
    Missouri / Posted on August 02, 2018
  • Amazing Opportunity!

    My daughter is 11 and she attended a tour during the summer after sixth grade. She absolutely loved it! Her EF tour guide was amazing, she really adored her!! My daughter had nothing but fantastic things to say about her experience to Panama. She thought the activities and the entire trip was perfect. I asked her if there was anything she would change and she said "nope!". Thank you EF Tours! The only thing I would change as a parent is to try to provide the trip experience at a cheaper cost, pretty expensive and as a single parent, I almost couldn't do it.
    sunmoon / Student traveller
    Wake Forest, NC / Posted on July 26, 2018
  • Panama Trip

    I had a wonderful time and was able to see many beautiful sights and animals. The Tour Director was great and was always available. He made sure we had what we needed, when we needed it. I would highly recommend this trip with EF Tours.
    MomY / Adult traveller
    Whitehouse, TX / Posted on July 08, 2018
  • Great Experience!

    EF scheduled a variety of activities that exemplified the beauty of Panama while infusing participants with culture and amazing food.
    Nyra / Adult traveller
    Whitttier, CA / Posted on July 05, 2018