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  1. We'd Go Again!

    There is so much to do, such a great learning experience and everyone is having fun the entire time. EF provides an opportunity to learn, to be engaged and to experience places and things that normally a person may not get the chance. Even if you've visited places on your tour, I gurantee you're going to learn something new!
    Saints / Group leader
    Melville, SK / Posted on April 23, 2018
  2. most need it experience!

    it was the most need it experience for my daughter as she was 13 of age when she went on the Ottawa trip as well as it was her "first independed" trip. We travel a lot but that trip allowed her to grow on many personal of them is that she started to become more independent on every day basis...a mile stone and a big help for me as a mother.
    (unfortunately my daughter lost her camera from that no pictures:(
    jolcia / Parent
    Halifax, NS / Posted on December 09, 2010
  3. My Ottawa Experience

    When I visited Ottawa, I was in grade 7. The trip was a week long and we took it after school was let out for the summer. We visited the Parliament buildings and took an amazing tour of the heart of Canada, which was simply fantastic. The highlight of the trip for me was visiting the RCMP stables, which was especially exciting because I love horses. We took a tour of the stables and got to meet some of the horses while learning about the history of the RCMP, a major part of our Canadian history. I had previously written an essay on said history for a project, so I was excited to see an even more in-depth view of the RCMP. While touring the stables, our guide told us about a contest that they ran annually, called "Name the Foal". Every year, children from across the country were encouraged to submit name suggestions for a batch of foals, starting with a specific letter. That year, the letter was 'F'. I went home and entered the contest, not expecting anything to come of it. A little while later, I got a phone call at home that said that one of my entered names, 'Fleet', had been selected and that I was one of the winners of the contest. I received a plaque with a picture of 'my' foal, a real RCMP stetson hat, and some other RCMP souvenirs. I was ecstatic! All of this came about because of the amazing experience I had touring the stables in Ottawa with EF Tours!
    Mikk13 / Student traveller
    Halifax, Nova Scotia / Posted on December 05, 2010

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