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  1. Best time of my life!

    My trip to LA, Vegas, and the Grand Canyon was one of the best experiences I've ever had! It was soo much fun and I'd do it again in a heartbeat! There were so many things to see that it was almost overwhelming! The activities that were planned for us were so exciting and their was a smile on my face from the time I arrived to the time we left! And of course for a long time after I got home! I have memories that will be implanted in my mind for a very long time, and I wouldn't exchange my expierence for the world!
    / Student traveller
    New-Wes-Valley, Newfoundland / Posted on December 12, 2010
  2. A wonderful opportunity!

    EF tours, also conected with the school, provides a wonderful opportunity for its students. My daughter had an amazing experience on the LA and Grand Canyon tour. It was well run and there was no problems.
    She brought back many pictures and lots of stories of the things her and her friends seen and participated in.
    She loved California, and the grand Canyon was a must see sight for her. Phoenix also had lots of amazing scenery and tourist sites. She wished she could have been there longer.
    My daughter got to be a traveller learning and seeing many things. She learned alot on this educational experience. Since this tour ended she has also enrolled in two other tours. Both of my daughters have enrolled in Ef tours and they have become quite the travelles. They had an amazing experience, and opportunity.
    ADad / Parent
    Newfoundland / Posted on December 09, 2010
  3. Best Experience Ever! <3

    The EF tour i went on was just amazing, theres no other way to explain it was just incredible!
    LA was awsome! Hollywood was a blast! but what i liked most about LA was walking down the street adn seeing all the celebrity stars and the all the people dressed up as characters. The NOHO show we went to Universal Studios and seeing the LA Ink Tattoo shop was also very cool! The wax museum and guiness worlds records was a bonus!
    Then theres Las Vegas which was just as much fun, even though we were there only for one day. The highlight of Vegas had to be the Bellagio! seeing all the things that were in that building was something i'll never be able to forget and the water show just outside of it was incredible. And seeing an actual Las Vegas slot machine was cool!
    In between Las Vegas and Phoenix we got to raft down the Black Canyon, we seen so much of the beautiful scenery of the canyon and lots of wildlife that were there.
    The Grand Canyon and Phoenix was also a amazing experience. we seen so many amazing things. Got the opportunity to walk in the Grand Canyon and seen the Red Rock County, which i personally loved!
    Above all the great things we did adn seen the food was great! We couldn't have asked for better, from breakfast buffetts in the mornings at our hotels to buffetts in the evenings for dinner, adn the desserts were to die for!
    The EF Tour is something i'll never forget, i got to travel with all my friends and we had a blast! Theres a lot of more information i could just talk on and on about my trip but there wouldnt be enough room to do so if I did, so in conclusion i have to say I highly reccomend travelling on an EF Tour to anybody who wants to have an experience of a lifetime!
    LarB / Student traveller
    Greenspond , Newfoundland / Posted on December 09, 2010
  4. Breathtaking

    Everything was Spectacular.... Hope to do it again one day!!!!
    lyssa / Student traveller
    Pound Cove, NL/Canada / Posted on December 06, 2010
  5. Great Experience

    From the sunny city of Los Angeles, to the fun filled Las Vegas, historic Grand Canyon, and the city of Phoenix this trip was a exciting and memorable trip!
    I enjoyed how it was full of excitement, interesting facts, warm weather, and non-stop fun. I would recommend it to all!
    smb123bur / Student traveller
    Wesleyville Newfoundland / Posted on December 02, 2010

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