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  1. Unforgetable

    I got the experience of a lifetime. I had always dreamed of seeing the City of London and the City of Lights and love. Not once was there a dull moment on this trip, there was always something breathtaking to see. My tour director was so knowledgeable about everything that he showed us and always had an answer for the group's many questions.
    SheldonrV1586 / Student traveller
    Dallas, Tx / Posted on March 06, 2018
  2. Best 9 Days of My Life

    Beyond amazing! I was nervous to be so far away from my close friends and family for 9 days, but the EF family made my group feel like we were at home. Our tour guide was an excellent and very smart man. I had such an amazing time on this tour and could not recommend it enough. I am so lucky to have had this experience, it has forever changed me. Life is so beautiful and traveling is the best way to see life's beauty!!! This trip is awesome and so are London and Paris.
    summerluzz / Student traveller
    Posted on September 10, 2017
  3. Amazing!!

    EF Educational Tours was more than helpful on several accounts leading up to my daughter' recent adventure to London & Paris! Whether it was just technical issues, to general advice they were always courteous and respectful.
    They're tour was above reaching expectations as they put the group's wellbeing and safety first. The all exclusive tour was placed in very nice hotels, beautiful historical views, exhibits to visit, all within easy and managable access to other exhibits or tours interested in! Overall my daughter had the adventure of a lifetime and has great memories because of their services! Thank you.
    Littlebirdleftthenest / Parent
    New London, North Carolina / Posted on July 01, 2017
  4. Worth Every Dollar!

    After spending about eight days in Europe, I am convinced that I must return to London ASAP! This opportunity that I was gratefully able to experience, has allowed me to view the world in a broader perspective, and be able to enjoy other cultures besides mine. I absolutely loved my tour, and this was due to my amazing tour director. Besides his amazing intellectual knowledge, he truly connected with each member of our tour, and allowed us to intake every aspect of London and Paris. I cannot wait for my next tour!
    / Student traveller
    Hoboken, NJ / Posted on April 24, 2017
  5. Outstanding trip!!!

    I absolutely loved the tour. Our tour director was outstanding and did most leg work all we had to do was show up and and stay with our group. Loved London and especially loved Paris! I would do again no questions asked! I save red every minute because this trip was worth every cent.
    / Adult traveller
    Knoxville, Tennessee / Posted on March 23, 2017
  6. Wonderful experience

    Traveling with students is a tremendous experience as you get to see first hand just how much they enjoy going to another country and experiencing another culture and way of life. They'll remember this joyous and educational experience for the rest of their lives, I've seen it many times and it's very rewarding.
    Booosh / Group leader
    Virden, Manitoba / Posted on May 01, 2014
  7. The "Other Half" of Education

    You will never regret taking young, enthusiastic students on a trip of a lifetime to Europe, especially London and Paris. I've been on a few and each and every time I chaperon a group, it gives me such great joy to see how much they thoroughly enjoy their experience. It's such a pleasure to witness the excitement my students go through as we explore in depth not only the many wonderful sites (famous buildings, museums, castles, art galleries) on our tours but also how they manage to interact, quite successfully I might add, with a new and different cultures, languages and traditions.
    My and their expectations are always exceeded thanks to the masterful planning job done by our travel company EF Educational Tours and their very capable staff and tour directors, who are a fountain of knowledge in so many ways. This company goes out of their way to ensure that your trip is problem free, at the best price possible and is the main reason why I rely on them now, and in the future. Throw in personal incentives and rewards and you come up with a match made in heaven, a deal that cannot be matched by any other tour company. I guarantee that anyone who uses EF will become a repeat customer due to service satisfaction, it's that simple.
    Booosh / Group leader
    Virden, Manitoba / Posted on December 06, 2010
  8. fabulous

    ef tour trip ran very smoothly,our guide was superb,well informed and friendly.we felt safe in our travels, the buses were comfortable, and the food was teenager approved!my husband and daughter were along for the trip and it was a family experience we will treasure always.i look back on my photos, and wish we could make this tour all over again!i would love to go on an ef tour in the future!(trip was in 2008)
    granny / Adult traveller
    lower sackville nova scotia / Posted on December 03, 2010
  9. Pleasing Paris and Lovely London

    When we arrived I knew it was going to be good, but in the end I was completely shocked at just how much I enjoyed it. It gave me a taste of what world traveling was all about and I LOVED every second of it. We were given some freedom to do what we wanted so we got to choose some of our own activities and do what we enjoyed! However, we also were often together with our very helpful tour guide who was full of information! This was an amazing experience that was worth twice as much as what it cost! It was AWESOME!!!
    ThrilledTraveler / Student traveller
    Manitoba / Posted on December 02, 2010
  10. Great Trip

    This is a great trip for students. The learning experience that they receive is priceless. The trip to Dover was wonderful the students loved getting to swim in the English Channel. The best part was our trip to Versailles; the guide was very informative and amazing. Be prepared to walk and pack tennis shoes. We walked over 60 miles on this tour. The food is good but if you are picky eater you might want to pack snacks as EF will only give you one option for dinner.
    bw0711 / Adult traveller
    Shady Spring, West Virginia / Posted on September 25, 2018

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