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  1. Great trip

    I would highly recommend the London, Paris Rome tour. The diversity in this trip is amazing. As a history teacher, this tour is packed with information the students will use through out their academic career and memories to last a lifetime.
    SmokyMtnTeacher / Group leader
    Knoxville, TN / Posted on March 23, 2017
  2. Europe Experience

    The tour guides were great they knew so much about the area and were able to add local facts to the tours. The guides were also friendly and personable. The sights we were able to see will last a lifetime. There was a lot of walking and it was hot but overall I really enjoyed the trip.
    / Student traveller
    Oconto, WI / Posted on September 25, 2016
  3. experience of a lifetime

    My daughter attended this tour and had a wonderful time and loved her tour guide. She just wished the group was a bit smaller. There were close to 40 in her group and it made it very difficult to navigate already crowded streets and cities. Also, with dinner included, sometimes the meal choices were a disappointment.
    fingirl / Student traveller
    Easley, SC / Posted on August 06, 2018
  4. I loved it!

    The trip was amazing. It was well organized and provided my group with all of the support we needed for a safe and fun experience!
    AliKate / Student traveller
    Easley, SC / Posted on August 06, 2018
  5. Trip of a lifetime

    My daughter had an amazing experience on her EF tour. She came back happy, more knowledgable about the world, full of new life experiences and exhausted. She mentioned that the food in London could of been better. And I believe they could of went to better sites, than just shopping? Also, I think more time could of been spent in Paris, including actually stopping at the Arc of Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower at night. Italy was wonderful. Even though the hotels were a bit older, i think you get what you pay for, she still enjoyed her time there. The food was amazing, but really how can you go wrong with Italian food. They had an issue with the shower, which it was spraying the whole bathroom, but they would not give them extra towels. Maybe the EF staff can help advocate for them in those situations. I think the girls found it to be a bonding experience for them though. I would just hate for it to be something worse and there isn't someone who will help them. I also think that including bottled water for them throughout the trip would be nice.
    MelT / Student traveller
    Posted on August 05, 2018
  6. Mixed review

    Fabulous cities..TERRIFIC tour director, she was delightful, informed, and anxious to give us a great experience...mediocre accommodations..way too much time spent on bus going to and from hotels, most located an hour outside the cities. 5 hours on a bus from Edinburgh to York wasted time that could have been better spent seeing and learning in a city. It’s brutally hot in Europe in July yet mediocre hotels have no AC. Overnight train from Paris to Venice was awful. 6 adults (or teens) in compartment and NO PRIVACY. Most had only met a day or two before, and we’re thrown together in a sleeping compartment with no bathroom or place to change clothes. Tours cover beautiful places but it’s a total rush time to really absorb the sites being toured. Increase the cost to improve the hotel, transportation, and time at each destination would make tours more attractive and more enjoyable. Until then..I would not consider going with this company again
    NJCam / Adult traveller
    Easley SC / Posted on August 03, 2018
  7. Fantastic Experience!

    What a informative trip! The tour guides were excellent! I learned so much about the attractions and cities. Not to mention the fabulous food and experiences. Thank you EF.
    Amarie / Student traveller
    Richland, Washington / Posted on July 05, 2018
  8. Indescribable

    This program not only teaches the history but the they get to see it first hand. Our youth get to experience other cultures and embrace them. Our youth wouldn’t get to have this amazing experience if it wasn’t for EF tours! You learn so much and get to enjoy it as well.
    Lily1 / Adult traveller
    Woodward,ok / Posted on June 20, 2018
  9. Awesome

    Loved this your. Seen everything that I’ve always dreamed of seeing. I was amazed by the beautiful places I was literally standing in.
    Layito / Student traveller
    Woodward, ok / Posted on June 19, 2018
  10. Great trip

    This trip was well worth the money spent, we did everything and saw everything. We had to take a bus to Milan to get on a train to Venice because the trains in France were on strike causing us to be two hours late but our tour director was able to fit everything into our schedule and Ef made it up to us with free gondala rides and an upgraded meal. I would definitely like to travel with them again!
    Martin3200 / Student traveller
    Posted on June 17, 2018

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