• Full but Fun Agenda!

    I went on this trip with my daughter. Our daily itinerary was packed however we did have some "free time" as well to see the city. I think hotels were ok. They were clean but basic. Breakfast was provided at the hotels and dinner was pre-coordinated at a restaurant in the city. The dinners didn't wow me. I would probably have gone to other places to get a fantastic meal even though it would cost me a little bit more. I felt obligated to go to the pre-coordinated dinners because they were included. I would consider doing this trip again with my other kids if I knew the group was smaller. We had 15 in our group but was combined with other groups making the entire group around 50 people and the lead did a great job at keeping everybody organized but it definitely got overwhelming at times. I would reco this to my friends with expectations set.
    Tenn / Adult traveller
    Nashville, TN / Posted on July 02, 2019
  • So fun!

    I had a life changing, eye opening trip. It was an expirence every day of something new. I loved how much we got to see with a combonation of free time.
    Bear720 / Student traveller
    Franklin, TN / Posted on July 01, 2019
  • Extreme

    The trip was a whirlwind. 3 cities/3 countries in 9 days.
    The attractions and the amount of things we saw were incredible, amazing and awe inspiring. However, EF Tours, you have work to do. The tour guide was sweet, but wasn't loud enough for a group of 43. She often picked points to stop and talk to us that were noisy and congested with people. We complained and asked for her to be louder, but she never changed her voice level. Most times she didn't stop after crossing the street. 43 people can't make it across thru one light. So many people were left behind and forced to run to catch up. She also had questionable judgement. At one point our dinner reservations were cancelled and we were given funds to go out on our own. We had just been on a bus, she could have given each of us our money then, in private. Nope, she walked our entire group to a noisy busy street and then handed it out in public. I couldn't believe it!
    The hotels that were chosen were decent, but not anything special. The hotel in London was a 2 mile walk after getting off the train/metro, that was often an hour ride. 2 miles, 43 people of all ages from 6 to 75 after a 12 hour day of sightseeing was ridiculous! Also, we asked for an extra blanket and were told they didn't have any. A hotel without an extra blanket is beyond belief.

    The most disappointing was the food. Not the food in the country itself. We found amazing food during our lunches that were on our own. However, when it came to the dinner meals that were included in our tour, they were sub par at best. There were multiple times in which many of us wouldn't eat anything or very little. I can tell you that the meals were CHEAP!!!! Our last meal, which probably had the most flavor, probably cost about $3. A bowl of chicken soup (No noodles, meat or vegetables, just broth), a plate of rice with 2 extremely small pieces of chicken that for 3 of us at our table of 3 were almost all bone and then 2 small cream puffs. I am giving $2 of the value to the cream puffs. There was one restaurant that kicked us out because another tour group was there. We were there for about 20 minutes. They tried to serve 43 people 3 courses in 20 minutes! They actually told us to "get out."
    We flew Delta and they were fantastic! They never lost a bag, they were very helpful and quick and their food was wonderful! Actually, better than anything we were served by the restaurants chosen by EF Tours.
    tcpa / Adult traveller
    Lake, Michigan / Posted on July 01, 2019
  • Walking marathon

    This trip was a bit of a nightmare. As soon as we arrived from a 11 hour flight, we had to start walking to the centre of town. I believe this is not a bad thing, however, the walking that we did was unbearable! If it hadn’t been for the underground and metro, we would had given up. We walked approximately 10 miles per day in each city we visited. There was too much to see and not enough time. The only time we stopped was to eat or when we waited for the other group members to arrive. Another thing is that the hotels they put us in where an hour away from the actual cities, so even if we wanted to stay and enjoy the night, we couldnt for safety reasons. In Paris, they literaly booked a hotel in the ghetto!

    Overall, this trip was too rushed and not enjoyable. One good thing from this trip was our tour director, even though we were all tired, he kept us engaged and always had a positive attitude.
    Solecito / Group leader
    San Jose, CA / Posted on June 30, 2019
  • So much to see.

    I have never been out of the US before so the entire experience was new and some times overwhelming. Overwhelming because the pace has a tendency to be really fast, and if you are not used to the walking, stairs and hills, you miss out on the adventure, because you are so tired. As a parent traveler, I wished that I could have gotten a chance to talk with more of the locals. We really only got to speak with tour guides and that was only briefly. As an experience for younger people, the way the tours are setup is just right. You basically get to see the major spots and keep moving. If I were to do a tour like this again, I would probably stay in one place for several days longer. Also I would have liked to have a bit more choice in food items. We were not informed on food choices, and while I understand that the purpose is to give the traveler an idea of the local cuisine, the food choices weren't great. Some of the kids didn't eat at all. One restaurant served us the food cold. Our first day, as soon as we got off of the 6.5 hour overnight flight, we immediately started walking through the city, that was tough. Lastly, I understand the need to keep cost as low as possible, but the hotels rooms were really small. I would have liked to have had a cost breakdown of how much private rooms would have cost versus sharing. I would have gotten a private room if I had known I would be sleeping that close to a complete stranger. Our group leader was very patient with us and did a good job keeping us together, and no one got lost or separated.
    I really did enjoy seeing all the places we did get to see. It was a dream come true is some aspects. I would definitely recommend EF to others who are interested in a tour for students. As a parent traveler I would recommend informing other parent travelers more about the cost of private rooms, food and the pace.
    HypatiaWeeps / Adult traveller
    Newport News, VA / Posted on April 23, 2019
  • See a little bit of everything.

    Incredible, trip of a lifetime- but be ready to go nonstop. You must be flexible and understanding that this is a trip for students - so you will not go in-depth at many of the stops. Lots of walking, so be prepared for that. A great way to visit a place, get a feel for it - and decide if you’d like to return on your own!
    Rchino / Adult traveller
    Houston, Texas / Posted on July 05, 2018
  • Sweaty trip

    Tour Director was good; the cities were beautiful ; therefore the 2 stars.
    The hotels were horrible. No Air Conditioning in Paris and Madrid. Extreme budget hotels that were over an hour away from anywhere. Wasted time getting to and from all the places on the schedule. The free breakfast was not much to be desired. The free dinners were for the most part horrible!! We had to go and get something else that was in or near the hotel in order to keep from starving. I would like a more in depth tour instead of the fast pace, hurry up type of tour. I'm more used to a slower pace, and relaxing holiday. Train was over 2 hours late getting into Paris, and we missed our tour of Versailles. Not EFs fault, but not sure if we will get a refund for that tour. Everyone on the train that bought individual seats were told that they would get a refund for the train ticket. So my fingers are crossed on that as well. The bus broke down and picked us up about 2 hours later after an exhausting day.
    DogMomma / Adult traveller
    Houston, tx / Posted on July 04, 2018
  • Adventure of a lifetime!

    I took this trip with my daughter and niece. I had never flown out of the country, or anywhere for that matter. We had a GREAT time! We went with a school group of 9 and met 2 other groups when we arrived. It would have been nice to have shared a room with my kiddos, but they were able to get to know new people who shared their room. It was a lot of walking, and we were warned about that, but still more than I was expecting. I figured about 5 or 6 miles a day... but it ended up being 12-14 miles a day, however the weather was unbelievable where we were, so it was all worth it! We visited London, Paris and Madrid. I would recommend this to anyone!! In fact, I would love to go back on another tour!
    Nowaworldtraveler / Adult traveller
    Sparta, IL / Posted on June 27, 2018
  • I want to go back ASAP

    For as long I can remember, it has been my dream to leave the United States and experience outside my home country. As soon as I arrived in every city, I fell in love with the scenery, culture, landmarks and food!! The next opportunity I get, weather or not its an EF tour, I will take advantage of it. I cannot wait to go back.
    wrehagen / Student traveller
    Boonville, Missouri / Posted on June 26, 2018
  • Travel Mom

    The group leaders did not disperse information to travelers in a consistent fashion, leaving travelers frustrated and unprepared for the day.

    The guide seemed to select activities based on his preference instead of including the group in the decision making.
    PirateMom / Adult traveller
    Boonville, MO / Posted on June 26, 2018