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  1. Intense Learning Opportunity

    This was a fast-paced tour with lots of walking but students enjoying their learning. They were amazed by the sights and were enthralled with the visit to the Queen's Palace at Westminster, Windsor Castle, Toledo and especially Park Guell.

    From the second day students commented on the fact that their parents had made a good investment as they felt by then they had gotten their money's worth.

    It was cold in London, raining in Paris, hot in Madrid, and just right in Barcelona. The students' favourite city was Barcelona.

    They loved the local guide in Toledo as he was funny and very knowledgeable. The Tour Director was very patient and remained calm throughout the tour even when at times the larger group lagged on time.

    We only hoped that the Flamenco evening was more inclusive of students and not simply a show to be watched.

    Kudos to EF for providing yet another great learning opportunity for Caribbean students.
    BlossomVI / Group leader
    United States Virgin Islands / Posted on July 10, 2017
  2. Great Adventure

    We had a wonderful time on our adventure! As a parent I was concerned I wouldn't be able to "keep up" with the students, but I did! This was a trip with my daughter that I will never forget, what amazing memories. There is tons of walking and long days, but it's all worth it, you can rest when you get home. Our tour director was AWESOME! All of our local guides were fun and full of great history. I wouldn't change anything about the trip!
    Parent33 / Adult traveller
    Clifton, VA / Posted on April 24, 2017
  3. Amazing Tour

    I loved this trip, the people, food, tour directors were all great! It was defiantly an experience of a lifetime.
    Janelle17 / Student traveller
    Garnish, Newfoundland / Posted on April 29, 2012
  4. Once in a lifetime trip

    What an amazing experience for my daughter! To have the opportunity to see Europe at a reasonable cost, visit more than just one place, have a wonderfully scheduled itinary and best of all under the guidance of adults who I trust. The trip was well planned and executed, no hidden things to worry about. We were kept informed every step of the way which made it easier to have our daughter so far away. EF tours are the only way for young adults to go!!! I would highly recommend this and any of their trips. We now have a second child heading out on an EF tour!
    VDSM / Parent
    Tavistock, on / Posted on December 03, 2010
  5. Unbelieveable first euro-experience!

    As a young student this was an excellent experience. It was the perfect combination of museums, architecture, shopping and cultured nightlife. This is an awesome trip to take advantage of before you head off to university. One of the aspects of this trip that made it so much more enjoyable was all the fun, exciting students and locals you met. I loved how diverse and unique every activity was. Although every day may seem overwhelmingly busy, this is the best thing you can ask for. It will go incredibly fast so make sure to appreciate every moment. Have fun!!
    Samm / Student traveller
    Cambridge, ON / Posted on December 02, 2010
  6. So much to see.

    I have never been out of the US before so the entire experience was new and some times overwhelming. Overwhelming because the pace has a tendency to be really fast, and if you are not used to the walking, stairs and hills, you miss out on the adventure, because you are so tired. As a parent traveler, I wished that I could have gotten a chance to talk with more of the locals. We really only got to speak with tour guides and that was only briefly. As an experience for younger people, the way the tours are setup is just right. You basically get to see the major spots and keep moving. If I were to do a tour like this again, I would probably stay in one place for several days longer. Also I would have liked to have a bit more choice in food items. We were not informed on food choices, and while I understand that the purpose is to give the traveler an idea of the local cuisine, the food choices weren't great. Some of the kids didn't eat at all. One restaurant served us the food cold. Our first day, as soon as we got off of the 6.5 hour overnight flight, we immediately started walking through the city, that was tough. Lastly, I understand the need to keep cost as low as possible, but the hotels rooms were really small. I would have liked to have had a cost breakdown of how much private rooms would have cost versus sharing. I would have gotten a private room if I had known I would be sleeping that close to a complete stranger. Our group leader was very patient with us and did a good job keeping us together, and no one got lost or separated.
    I really did enjoy seeing all the places we did get to see. It was a dream come true is some aspects. I would definitely recommend EF to others who are interested in a tour for students. As a parent traveler I would recommend informing other parent travelers more about the cost of private rooms, food and the pace.
    HypatiaWeeps / Adult traveller
    Newport News, VA / Posted on April 23, 2019
  7. Once in a lifetime experience!

    The tour was an incredible experience for the students and adults. We were able to encounter the different cultures and lifestyles of Europe, visit famous landmarks, and experience the language barriers between monolingual travelers and the multilingual Europeans. This tour met all of our expectations and then some. I can not wait to travel again through EF.
    SpainTraveler92 / Group leader
    Paragould, Arkansas / Posted on March 27, 2019
  8. Pleasantly Surprised

    I had a wonderful time on this trip! This was my third experience in Europe, but it was my first time to London, Windsor, Paris, and Barcelona. It was a jam -packed adventure. I did not think that I would like Paris, but I know understand why there are so many movies about the city! Overall, the tour guide was phenomenal, rooms were clean, and food was pretty good. I would definitely recommend this trip to any school group!
    MsTLM / Adult traveller
    Murfreesboro, TN / Posted on January 11, 2019
  9. Trip of a life time

    The 10 trip was a wonderful experience! London was filled with major landmarks, museums and theater. Paris was a quick stop that was packed with memorable time a the Louvre and Notre Dame. Madrid was a favorite! The easy going city with beautiful parks, squares and the palace! Good shopping as well. Toledo was a precious city with with beautiful landscape and history.
    Mitch1 / Adult traveller
    Lapel / Posted on November 08, 2018
  10. See a little bit of everything.

    Incredible, trip of a lifetime- but be ready to go nonstop. You must be flexible and understanding that this is a trip for students - so you will not go in-depth at many of the stops. Lots of walking, so be prepared for that. A great way to visit a place, get a feel for it - and decide if you’d like to return on your own!
    Rchino / Adult traveller
    Houston, Texas / Posted on July 05, 2018

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