• Trip of a Lifetime

    My husband and I took our 3 daughters on this trip. It was my life long dream to visit Europe! To be able to visit with my daughters and husband was a dream come true. We visited so many places and got to see so much. There is no way that I would have been able to book a trip like this on my own. Some of our favorites were the boat ride at night to view the Eiffel Tower, visiting The Palace and Gardens of Versailles, the walking tour around Florence, visiting the Sistine Chapel and The Colosseum in Rome. It was just an unforgettable trip from start to finish!
    Familyof5 / Adult traveller
    Willard, MO / Posted on February 09, 2020
  • First trip to Europe

    My daughter and I went to Europe this last summer with EF Tours. It was the most wonderful trip. Every detail of our trip was planned and went smoothly. I felt completely safe and in good hands with our tour director. All of our local guides were fabulous. I can’t wait to go on another trip some day.
    Sallmen / Adult traveller
    Grandview, WA / Posted on September 18, 2019
  • Travel Back in Time!

    My students and I had an amazing time traveling in Europe together. We had a fast paced journey but we still had free time to explore on our own in each city we visited. Everything was pre-planned well and super organized so we didn't waste any minute (no standing in a long line to get tickets, etc) I enjoyed traveling with other group leaders and we became good friends. Our local guides were so informative and passionate to talk about their city. My students and I got the most out of our trip. Thank you, EF!
    / Group leader
    Torrance, CA / Posted on August 17, 2019
  • Tour was fun, but could be better

    I saved up the money myself to be able to go on this trip, and let me say that the experience was very much worth it. Got to see a whole lot in 12 days and it was very action packed. Unfortunately I am not allowed to say the name of my tour director (due to new EF rules), but she was amazing and really did pull the trip together nicely by getting our tickets and making sure we're on time for everything. Her name starts with an F and is from Italy, so hopefully if she ever reads this- she knows I'm talking about her.

    I'd say that half of the hotels were good, and the other half weren't so great. The one's in Paris and Rome didn't even have air conditioning in the rooms- which I'm disappointed that EF didn't pick up on. Best hotels were the IBIS one's, hands down. The last hotel we were at on our last day in Rome thankfully wasn't the same hotel we stayed at before we left for Sorrento, and was actually very clean and nice.

    The food provided by the tour was probably the worst part out of everything. They weren't that small of portions like other reviews have said, however on 4 different occasions we had the same thing- chicken and some sort of fries for the side. I'd be fine having that one or two nights, but having it more so often is a let down. EF should either charge us more and give us a choice of what to order, or simply cut food out of the budget and let the travelers order whatever they want.

    None the less, you get to eat wherever and whatever you want for lunch- so I wouldn't say that you don't get to experiment with new food on the trip.

    Other than that, the tour was very educational and definitely changed me as a person. Parents- beware that there's lots of walking and it's going to be nothing compared to the family vacations you've taken in the past. I'd advise most parents to not attend with their child- and I say this because most of the parents from the other group on our tour would non-stop complain about everything and even made fun of our Tour Director's accent and mocked her. EF Tours caters more to younger students than everything- sp don't expect to relax too much on this trip.
    / Student traveller
    Dallas, TX / Posted on August 13, 2019
  • First trip to Europe

    This trip was well organized. We got to see the highlights of each town. Our tour director was fabulous. I enjoyed each and every day.
    Sallmen / Adult traveller
    Grandview, WA / Posted on August 09, 2019
  • Good Value, but many issues

    When originally discussed, tour was configured as a great value with strong options for visiting multiple European cities in a short time frame.
    However, once on the trip, there were multiple issues. With some exceptions, the tour guides were unenthusiastic. Accommodations were good, with the exception of Florence where the original hotel had cleanliness issues and we had to transfer to a new hotel late at night. While the tour company covered this, it was inconvenient and caused timing issues with sleep and travel the next day. Tour provided food/restaurant options were bland overall and were not representative of the culture or cities visited. The Exception was one of the two stops in Italy, where the limited options were flavorful. All others were disappointing.
    There were travel issues beginning the trip and ending the trip, and while Airline issues are outside of the control of EF Tours, choice of Airline is. Initial flight was first delayed due to mechanical issues on plane. EF Tours was able to rebook most of our tour on a subsequent flight, but 4 members were delayed overnight due to lack of communication. On the return flight, the second leg had delay issues as well.
    It is understood that maintaining value requires making cost effective choices when booking all aspects of the tour, but careful selection of travel and accommodations by use of reviews and other tools available, will go further in ensuring a successful trip and satisfied travelers.
    DisappointedTraveler01 / Student traveller
    Roanoke, TX / Posted on July 30, 2019
  • Students Loved It

    My students loved their trip -- they saw and learned so much about so many different people, places, and things.
    KLDW / Adult traveller
    Chicago, IL / Posted on July 28, 2019
  • Trip of a life time!

    I will never forget my amazing tour! I had so much fun with my friends and teachers and I saw things that most people where I’m from will never see. Everything about the trip was amazing aside from the arrival in Paris which left a bad taste in everyone's mouth because it appeared we had been dropped off in what I’d refer to as the ghetto. Other than my initial thoughts of Paris I loved every second of the trip.
    Aasmith / Student traveller
    Rockingham, NC / Posted on July 27, 2019
  • Amazing

    I have always wanted to travel and this was my first overseas trip it was absolutely amazing. I had so much fun and I loved all of the beautiful sight I got to see. I can’t wait tell I can go back.
    Panda19 / Adult traveller
    Hardy, Arkansas / Posted on July 27, 2019
  • Fantastic Tour

    The tour director was knowledgeable and helped book tours within cities that gave our students experiences of a lifetime. Several students remarked how they now want to become educated after highschool and travel the world. Though we hit heatwaves, the tours were educational and humorous. We had opportunities to meet and get to know students and chaperones from 3 other US schools, as well as talk to locals of Rome, Florence, Paris, and London. My concern came with free time for those who did not choose the excursions (often due to additional expenses) because this left us exploring on our own for 7 hours one day, as the teacher was safe with the tour director and guide. I feared I would lose a child or get lost. Luckily, we had experienced travelers who helped us and after this first experience, our tour director/guide was instrumental in booking last minute extra things for us to do.
    JustaChaperone / Adult traveller
    Marionville, MO / Posted on July 27, 2019