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  1. Europe Trip

    My trip to Europe was absolutly great. There was no boring part to this trip, from the chill times in hotel rooms, to swimming at the freezing cold beaches at Ortona every part was exciting and simply fun. Our tour guide was a really interesting guy who taught us lots about the land and lots of side things, like tai chi and yoga! MY favourite part of the trip was a little pizzeria in Florence that had the simple name of "Pizza." This was by far the best pizza i had ever tasted and enjoying it with my best friends made it a memorable experience that i will never forget. We all got to write our names on the wall where you eat in the sitting area below the pizza ovens, so if you ever make it there look on the walls for Matt, Adam, and Nikola and take that as a sign that this review is no lie and that this trip was really and truly a great time for all!
    Matty / Student traveller
    Toronto, Ontario / Posted on December 03, 2010
  2. Worth every penny

    My daughter travelled with EF tours last spring with her Grade 11 and Grade 12 classmates. First off to France, then Italy for 10 days of exploration and reflection. Witnessing the Canadians' Memorial in Ortona, eating freshly baked croissants, strolling the streets of Paris and Rome all became new adventures for her which made learning truly meaningful. She came back speaking highly of the whole experience, talked for hours about her entertaining tourguide, the meals, sights and hotels. A trip to Europe will surely happen again but never with so many friends, schoolmates and teachers. It was a truly memorable experience! Merci EF Tours.
    Francesca / Parent
    Vancouver / Posted on December 03, 2010
  3. Unforgettable!

    I was very pleased with the organization of our tour and with our Tour Director. We were well looked after and had a great time exploring all of these areas! Very good value for what we did. I would highly recommend this fast paced tour. Thanks EF Tours!
    TMMG / Group leader
    Iroquois Falls, Ontario / Posted on April 04, 2017
  4. Just a Dream?

    The chance to tour the world with close friends is an offer that just can't be turned down. A trip filled with culture, adventure, history, friends and great food is any teenagers dream. Although the trip was tiring I would do it all over again. I will forever remember the moments shared, the memories created and the people I met.
    RowRow / Student traveller
    Vancouver, British Columbia / Posted on December 29, 2010
  5. Amazing Tour!

    I really enjoyed this tour. It provided both historical information involving Canada and also involving France and Italy.
    Our tour guide was extremely helpful, and well informed.
    I personally wish we had a bit more time in Paris, I grew to love the architecture there and can't wait for the day when I can go back.
    The days spent in Ortona were very nice, especially because there was a beach right outside the hotel.
    The food was FANTASTIC! We never went hungry, and we got to experience foreign food as well as food we are used to at home.
    Overall, a GREAT experience, made me want to learn more about the history of France and Italy, and to look into the historical significances of the sites we visited. I can't wait to go back.
    Sparkey / Student traveller
    Stirling, Alberta / Posted on December 09, 2010
  6. Trip of a lifetime

    I was thrilled with the experience my daughter had on her trip to Europe. I felt completely confident that the students we're well supervised. It allowed her to explore Europe with her friends, but with the security of a great progrqam. She was able to balance learning, fun and begin to experience travelling independently. I felt it was a much better option than letting her go on an unsupervised trip that the students sometimes plan themselves. She was able to learn about and visit sites she would not have seen otherwise.
    yomama / Parent
    Toronto / Posted on December 07, 2010
  7. Great Time in Europe!

    Overall a great trip! Tons of fun and would do it again in a heart beat. Saw the important sights and got to spend tons of time at all the places you'd want to spend time at. Two minor points, however, that could be improved. They stick to their schedule sometimes to rigidly. An example is when we were forced to go see a gift shop that was part of the tour when the Pope was addressing a crowd right near us. The 'schedule' however didn't have time for this, and we were told we had to leave and go see a gift shop. A little disappointing. Also food could have been a little more in quantity. Overall however, would recommend this trip to anyone. Our guide was friendly, the bus was great, and the sites they showed were amazing. A once in a lifetime experience!
    Jean / Student traveller
    Posted on December 05, 2010
  8. Interesting Experience

    My tour from Juno to Ortona was a great experience. I enjoyed seeing all of the new sights and experiencing the culture first hand.

    The only things that could have made the experience that much more enjoyable would be better accommodations and more food. I felt that I was unable to have lunch at times and that the food that was provided was unsatisfactory. Since France and Rome are well known for food, it would have been great to experience that.

    I was very happy with our tour guide and felt that he did his best to show us everything scheduled. Although I would have enjoyed more time to walk around alone, overall I had a great experience.
    Lieslie / Student traveller
    Owen Sound, Ontario / Posted on December 04, 2010
  9. Rest in Paradise

    This was the trip of a lifetime! My best friend pasted away in September just 5 months after returning from our EF Itay trip. We talked about the trip every single day for those 5 months. The trip is the best memory that I will remember with my friend for the rest of my life...
    WheninRome / Student traveller
    Owen Sound / Posted on December 04, 2010
  10. Lasting Experience

    My son had a wonderful time on the school trip he took through EF in 2009. He enjoyed the culture and history Europe had to offer. The train trip through the Alps he described as breathtaking.

    I am so glad my son had the opportunity to take this trip with his classmates.
    Techy / Parent
    Owen Sound, Ontario / Posted on December 03, 2010

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