• Spain/Italy

    I am saying that this trip was average ONLY BECAUSE of Grimaldi Lines. We had a horrible experience on this Ferry. It was 7 hours late, filthy, and had deplorable conditions. This boat was run with little direction, unkempt quarters, and disgusting food options. Other than the Ferry, the trip to Spain and Italy was very nice.
    KTB123 / Adult traveller
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania / Posted on July 01, 2019
  • Day lost to Grimaldi lines

    as an adult I went on the Spain/Italy trip with my 2 daughters and we had many bumps in the road.
    we were at boat terminal sleeping on floors from 10:15 pm till about 6am as our boat was not there. by the time we got on the ferry most of us slept through breakfast and lunch as we could sleep on a hard floor and only had dinner.
    we were told to leave our book bags on the bus and were not told another group would be on the bus with our items-my daughters sun glasses were broken when we got back on.
    we had 5 hours of free time in spain one day and 4 the next day (while another group did a tour)we were told to meet in 4 hours at a plaza that is "35 minute walk away", none of us had data on our phone to gps it and had to ask locals along the way.
    This is my oldest daughters 2nd EF tour -after this we will likely not travel /recommend it to others.
    spainitaly / Adult traveller
    Pittsburgh, PA / Posted on July 01, 2019
  • Too much fun

    Did not want to go. Now I can't wait to go back!!
    Doggirl / Student traveller
    California / Posted on May 01, 2019
  • Great except...

    Everything was cool except I got BRONCHITIS ON THIS TRIP.
    Idkwhattoputhere / Student traveller
    Maryland / Posted on May 01, 2019
  • Bad Choice

    For the price we paid once arriving at Madrid had to wait 2 1/2 hours after a 14 hour trip for another school arriving because they couldn’t use the bus to take us 20 minutes to our hotel and come back and get the other group.
    The boat ride to Rome was absolutely horrible it made all sick people were sick everywhere and they made us check out of our rooms 5 hours before leaving so they could clean them and people were all over everywhere is took a day or so to recover from that. And it rained a few days which made it miserable those days a cheap rain cover would of been nice for the amount we paid and not have in any options on the food was a topper. Not enough free time any where!
    Wait / Adult traveller
    Belleville, Michigan / Posted on April 13, 2019
  • WOW never would have seen this all on my own

    Be ready for alot of walking and being on the go about 12-14 hours a day. Jam packed and full of great sights and information. Never expected quite so much from this trip. The only drawbacks can be a little excessive bus riding from one place to another when there might be a more efficient option. But definately recommend.You only need to bring your most comfoetable shoes.Euros are so close to US dollar considering there is no tax in Italy or Spain. The best food. Can't go wrong.
    Annelise / Adult traveller
    Grosse Ile, MI / Posted on April 10, 2019
  • Wonderful Memory-Making Experience

    Our tour was educational, enriching and positive. The only negative was learning at the last minute that an additional excursion was cancelled due to not having enough travelers sign up. We would definitely take another EF trip.
    HistoryGal / Adult traveller
    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania / Posted on March 29, 2019
  • Wonderful Trip

    It was an amazing trip. Saw lots of sites and our tour guide, was fantastic. The weather in March was beautiful. Would recommend Spain and Italy to anyone thinking about going
    gdfb / Adult traveller
    Gold Canyon, AZ / Posted on March 28, 2019
  • Okay

    The tour guide was great but I was not aware that there would be as much waking as there was . I was told there would be some walking but there was to much for a 76 yr old man .
    This tour is for kids and I'm sure they enjoyed the tour .
    I would not recommend this trip to any one that doesn't mind walking .
    I would have spent the money on a different type of tour .
    Boone / Adult traveller
    Gold Canyon , Az / Posted on March 28, 2019
  • Amazing Experience

    It was such a great trip to be able to go on with my teenager. The schedule did seem very full so felt like were were rushing all the time but besides that it was great. We stayed in nice hotels and I for the price it was perfect. Would have never been able to do a trip like this on our own. Can't wait to do another!
    1980 / Adult traveller
    Baltimore, MD / Posted on January 25, 2019