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47 Iceland: Glaciers and Geysers
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  1. Fabulous Experience

    When my son originally told me he wanted to attend this trip to Iceland, I was very hesitant due to the higher cost than the other trips offered by his school. Now that he is home and I am looking at pictures and hearing his experience, it was worth every penny. There was no where else in the world like Iceland, and we could not have given him many of the experiences if we went as a family.
    HSworldtraveler / Student traveller
    Mooresville, NC / Posted on April 08, 2018
  2. Trip of a lifetime

    My students and I had the most amazing time in Iceland. We were greeted by our Tour Director as if we were old friends. Despite flight delays, he had everything taken care of for us when we arrived. Each day we were in awe of the beauty the country offered and the knowledge that our TD shared with us. Even our bus driver was a fantastic companion to have along with us. They had us learning to pronounce challenging Icelandic names! This trip was the perfect mix of time exploring nature in the countryside and time in the city exploring Reykjavik, and we never spent too much time just sitting on the bus. The glacier hike was a MUST for an add on. This was a favorite of many! It was a remarkable experience to watch my students grow and learn outside of the classroom.
    / Group leader
    Atlanta, GA / Posted on August 03, 2017
  3. Absolutely amazing!

    I was absolutely amazing with how well EF tours handled everything! My tour group had a few hiccups with our flights being canceled TWO DAYS in a row. However, EF was very cooperative with our group leaders and helped us get to our final destination! Although our trip ended up being a few days shorter than expected, EF did a GREAT job accommodating us. They rescheduled the stuff we missed to fit into my groups shorter trip, even though other groups we did the tour with had already done them (we separated from the other group; they didn't have to do the same stuff over again), and we still got refunded for the days we missed! Our tour guide was so kind and energetic, he even waited up until 2 AM for our arrival! EF was also very accommodating for my dietary needs (I am vegetarian), preparing a separate meal for my restrictions. I had a wonderful time and was amazed with not only the places we went and things we did, but also the way EF really cared about my group and our experience abroad.
    VeryHappyCustomer / Student traveller
    Cary, North Carolina / Posted on July 30, 2017
  4. Fire and ice! A land of wonder and magic.

    I would highly recommend this tour to everyone. Iceland is the safest country in the world, and it has one of the most breathtaking examples of an active volcanic topography. The people are charming, speak perfect English, and welcome all who come to partake in their culture. Our guide was an expert in culture, history, geography, topography, and cuisine. He went above and beyond to make sure we had the very best experience. I highly, highly recommend that you visit Iceland. PS: be sure to try their food: it is delicious.
    czechfan / Group leader
    Fort Mill, SC / Posted on June 15, 2017
  5. Stunning trip, but don’t go with WOW Airlines

    Starting from the beginning of the trip we had problems with WOW airline. 25 of us got to the airport about 4 hours before our flight so we had time to eat and go through security, but to our surprise they wouldn’t let us check in for 2.5 hours, even after calling and explaining the situation to there airline. All 25 of us sat in the airport lobby for 2.5 hours before we could even check our bags or enter the actual airport. We also had to go back and forth with EF becuase neither a checked bag or carry on was included in the cost of the trip. Once we got to Iceland the trip was great. It was beautiful. The weather was rainy and chilly, but as long as you are dressed in waterproof layers you will be comfortable. I highly reccommend the glacier walk, it was a beautiful and a really cool thing you will not experience anywhere else and may not be able to see in 10 or so years becuase of global warming. Once are time in Iceland came to an end we again had a problem with the airline. Our guide dropped us off 9 hours early because our other group had an earlier flight. After taking with WOW again and trying to check in they wouldn’t let us. The 25 of us have to sit in the airport lobby with no food or anything for 5 hours before we can check in. We were asked to move multiple times by the airline and airport and no one would do anything to help us with our problem that was clearly inconviencing both us and the airport. Once we finally get in to the actual airport and start boarding the airline tells us we aren’t allowed a carry on, even though it was paid for on the way there. We had to go back and forth with the airline and EF before they finally let our students on the plane. Every time we interacted with WOW employees they were very rude to us and seemed as though they didn’t care at all about their patrons. Overall the trip was wonderful, but the transportation was awful and I would not recommend taking the trip if you get a WOW Airline flight. It left a poor impression of the trip becuase of how bad the airline experience was.
    Glacierhiker48 / Student traveller
    Scranton, PA / Posted on July 15, 2018
  6. Once in a lifetime

    I LOVED this trip everything about it was amazing except for a few things.

    1. The rooming situation was a mess for the kids every night. Not enough beds for each child, rooms so small you couldn’t move in them ect.
    2. The other school we met up with was a class of students who had already graduated. They were unruly and rude. I think the age of the children going should be paired up with other classes of the same age group.
    3. Food. First dinner there was a cold meal which after being up and running for almost 36 hours it would have been nice to have a nice hot meal. Also some of the food served was not the best for picky eaters. It would be nice to know the menu before hand that way you can plan to stop and get dinner elsewhere if there’s nothing you’d like to eat on the normal dinner menu.

    Other than those few things this trip was amazing.

    Also this trip had A LOT of walking, hiking, and physical activity which was fine for me however it really needs to be made clear that this IS NOT a nice relaxing vacation
    Iceland / Adult traveller
    PA / Posted on July 13, 2018
  7. Cool Experience!

    Iceland is one of the coolest places on earth - such diverse topography and fantastic outdoor experiences.

    Highlights of the trip were the breakfast under an old ship at Njarovik, the Lava Museum (a definite must), The Lava Tunnel, Reynisfjara Beach, the Blue Lagoon and the huge waterfall you can walk behind at Rangarping eystra. The more packed the days, the better, as free time in Iceland is kind of wasted - not much to do other than what's in the wilds. Really, a few hours in Reykjavik is all that's needed to grab souvenirs as far as free time goes.

    If I was to offer constructive criticism, it would be:
    -offer more physical outings. The glacier walk, though very cool to actually see a glacier in real life, was way too short. We spent more time walking to the edge of it than on the actual toe of the glacier. It certainly didn't feel like we were truly on the actual glacier- it was just so short to get up very far. The students that sign up for this tour are not adverse to physical activity - we NEED to hike and would have seen a lot more had we gone further. Save in other ways and extend this hike so you can really see and learn about the glacier itself.
    -same thing holds true for the Lava Tunnel: offer the option of students going further into the tunnel and really trekking it. This attraction, however, is a must to keep, even without going further.
    -offer a hike into nature. Seeing life from a tour bus, or the crowded stops one makes while traveling on a tour bus, can get tiring. Let us out into nature more where we feel more alone (even alone as one group) and experience the vastness of the place.
    -we needed a better tour of the Geothermal Plant. The tour guide was boring and staying in their small display area didn't give us the experience of the plant itself. Let us put on hardhats and see the place in action. And be sure to get a Plant tour guide that will speak with charisma and enthusiasm. This type of energy is so green and unique that it is an important stop, but unfortunately was not well received.

    Otherwise, the tour is fantastic. Loved having three meals included, even if the lunches were just packing your own from the breakfast buffet. Prices are so expensive, this is a must for student budgeting. DEFINITELY remind students to bring snacks.

    Wonderful experience in a geographically magical place!
    GlacierGirl / Group leader
    Ottawa, Ontario / Posted on July 03, 2018
  8. Must see it to appreciate it

    The Iceland trip was truly awesome. I expected it to be a great trip from all of the descriptions from friends who've been there. But seeing it for myself exceeded all description and expectations. Iceland's exaggerated natural beauty is beyond what I'd expect on this planet.

    Our EF tour guide's knowledge and professionalism was great and ICING on the cake for this trip (sorry for the bad pun).
    LCVBill / Adult traveller
    Carlsbad, CA / Posted on July 01, 2018
  9. Can't Wait to Go Back

    What I love most about going on a tour with EF Tours is that it gives me a great overview so that I know what I want to do when I go back.

    Iceland was nothing short of amazing. Truly spectacular despite nearly nonstop rain. The one thing that saved us was having proper outerwear like rain pants. One tip is to check their weather prior to departure and remember to bring the rain jackets and pants!

    We saw so much and had such an incredible time.

    One tip I would give to future travelers to Iceland is don't bother getting the Iceland money. They take cards everywhere. Also, be sure your card has a Visa or MC logo on it. One girl in our group could not access any money and had to rely on others for some of her trip expenses.

    Iceland is a bucket list country to visit. EF did a great job of exposing us to the outside beauty as well as the culture.

    I can't wait to go back.
    Fashionating / Adult traveller
    Carlsbad, CA / Posted on July 01, 2018
  10. Fire and ice

    I just got back from a six day tour and still in astonishment. Our tour director was very knowledgeable and funny. We were kept busy, interested and amused the whole time. The highlight for most was the glacial walk. It was so intense and exciting I loved every minute of it. I would highly recommend this trip.
    Stix56 / Adult traveller
    Allentown, pa / Posted on June 28, 2018

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