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126 Central Europe and the Holocaust
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  1. Exciting and Educational in one

    The trip throughout Central Europe touched on very emotional places and events but was done in such a way that made you want to learn information as well as being able to see people's perspectives. This trip allowed me to grow as a person as well as grow as a student with the added knowledge I learned from this trip. I loved the interaction between people through the different excursions which added an extra level of excitement and adventure to the trip.
    ExcitedWorldTraveler / Student traveller
    Greenfield, Wisconsin / Posted on July 19, 2017
  2. Incredible sights - whirlwind two weeks

    I was blown away by everything we were able to see in the two weeks we were abroad. This trip was my first to Europe, and had I planned it myself, I would have missed out on so much! Our tour leader and all of our city tour guides were incredibly knowledgeable about the sights we saw and were able to help us connect our previous knowledge to the new information. We saw incredible sights daily - even days when we had a 6 hour bus ride from point 1 to point 2. Our guide planned mini stops in smaller towns so we could see a different side of the countries we were in. I felt safe the entire time we were abroad because all of our hotels were in secure areas, and they all were comfortable. I couldn't believe it when our last day came and it was time to go home. This trip gave me the travel bug and I can't wait until our school does its next tour!
    MilTeacher / Adult traveller
    Milwaukee, Wi / Posted on July 18, 2017
  3. Best bang for your buck!

    This tour was one of the best travel experiences I've had in my life. Fitting four countries with many of its sites into 13 days was no small feat, but EF more than successfully pulled it off. I learned a lot about each country's history and the role each played in the Holocaust. I shared in the grief while visiting the most moving memorials I have ever visited while still enjoying the architecture and culture each city we visited had to offer. Paris has been my favorite city since I visited as a kid and several times since, but Warsaw and Krakow definitely gave Paris a run for its money! If there were problems on tour (and there were very few), EF stepped in quickly and corrected them. I would absolutely travel with EF again in the future. The accommodations were always great, the food was good, the tour director we had was AMAZING, and most of all, the educational experience was priceless. I always felt that we were safe and well taken care of, no matter what.
    SavageDragon / Group leader
    Warrensburg, MO / Posted on June 22, 2017
  4. Incredible Tour

    This was a journey all students/teachers should experience. As a history teacher this exceeded all my expectations. Our EF Tour Guide did everything to ensure we had any extra dimensions during our jouney. A life changing experience for everyone.
    HistoryKlaw / Group leader
    Prince Albert, Saskatchewan / Posted on May 04, 2014
  5. Life Changing Experience.

    This trip was a once and a lifetime opportunity. My brother and I are Jewish and going to these places really touched our hearts. We felt pain and sadness walking through the notorious Auschwitz-Birkeneau concentraion camp and examining a polish ghetto. As we traveled through these historical sites all I could do was imagine the horrors stricken upon the men, women, and children that were forced there to live and eventually die. My emotions let go as I walked through the gas chamber because I imagined what it was like and pictured it in my mind. Even though there were these emotional hard times, the students that I traveled with comforted my brother and I and this made me feel better. On another note, the rest of the trip was absolutely magnificent. Poland was beautiful and when it snowed it made it that much better. Prague was my favourite part of the trip, it is said to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world and I truly agree with that. When I decided to go on the trip and booked it I was expecting it to be sort of hectic with all the students and the tours, but when we got there it was perfect. Everyone behaved and everything went smoothly. I also thought it would be sort of boring because it sounded like tours everyday. It was great though because we got free time, and the tours weren't that long which made them good, and I was interested in every part. I thought this EF experience was really well done, the hotels were nice and the breakfast/dinners were always well done. Oh, and also the tour guide was a great guy, he did a very good job and I was quite impressed with his knowledge of the different countries. He also taught me some words in polish, german, and czech. I had a great time, an unforgettable experience and that is why I signed up for my second trip heading off to Italy.
    Bearjew / Student traveller
    North Bay, Ontario, Canada / Posted on December 06, 2010
  6. Fantastic experience for father and daughter

    My husband and 16 year old daughter went on the ten day Holocaust Tour in March 2010. They both came back as changed individuals as a result of the tour. My husband's parents came from Prague and Warsaw, so it was wonderful for my daughter and husband to connect with their past. They were very moved by everything they experienced in Europe on this trip, especially at the concentration camps and the Warsaw Ghetto. My daughter also marvelled at the architecture and has shared her experience with countless relatives and friends. My daughter has always loved to travel, but she will always remember this as being the best trip she has ever been on. Also, because of this wonderful opportunity, she has decided to pursue a degree in the travel and tourism industry when she goes to university next year. My son also went on an EF Tour to Italy in March 2006. His experience was also wonderful in every way. I would definitely recommend EF Tours to all parents who are thinking of sending their children abroad.
    Madonna / Parent
    Fort Erie, Ontario / Posted on December 02, 2010
  7. Amzing experience

    Our trip was more than we could have ever imagined. It was well organized. The travel and the accommodations were very good. The tour directors were amazing; they went beyond to take care of us. We appreciated their professionalism and they way that the connected with our students. They were organized and focused on doing their best to enhance our experience. They even handled a couple of situations that were not normal; a theft from a hotel room and a sickness on our last evening that sent over 15 to the hospital. The ability to manage this crisis impressed us, our admin team and superintendent. To be truthful, they should get an award.
    The meals were good, especially our last night in Warsaw and the breakfasts at the hotels. Two thumbs up.
    Our local guides were very good, especially the local guide in Warsaw and at Auschwitz. This experience will be one that we will never forget.
    We did have a theft at our first hotel in Berlin. EF took care of the money value that was taken from the boy. We really appreciated that he was covered; he did not have to stress about being without. It just shows the importance of the experience of the travelers. The police filled out a report; we are now in the process of filing a claim with the EF insurance provider.
    We loved the trip and are grateful for the work from all parties involved.
    ShellBell / Group leader
    Lethbridge, Alberta / Posted on May 05, 2019
  8. Fantastic trip

    I had a wonderful time on the trip. Learned many things about Europe and the holacaust. Highly recommend this trip as a valuable experience.
    / Student traveller
    Colorado springs / Posted on March 28, 2019
  9. Every little thing was and Amazing experience

    Everything about the trip was awesome
    Hampster / Student traveller
    Bow NH / Posted on March 18, 2019
  10. Extremely educational.

    Not only did my group bond as we traveled but I personally feel that I learned so much over the 10 days. Our tour guide was phenomenal and I could not have asked for anyone better. They knew so much about every city that we visited which made our bus rides from one country to the other even more interesting. In all honesty there wasn't a part of the tour I disliked, everything had its own amazing aspects. Lots of people have asked me since I returned what my favorite part was and the only answer I can honestly give is 'all of it'. Thank you EF for making this trip one that I can never forget.
    Braina / Student traveller
    Stevens Point, WI / Posted on July 31, 2018

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