• An experience to take your breath away.

    This was not my first experience with leading students on a trip, but it was my first with EF. EF impressed the socks off me. I know what it is like to plan and coordinate travel plans and to have that all done for you is so liberating. Our trip to Rome, Florence, Meteora, Delphi, and Athens was arranged with fluidity. Knowing that this is a group trip and not a family vacation is a mind set that is required when you, for example, want to stop and take a picture or go into a shop you just passed by. Just remember that they do put in free time. I was very nervous to let my students go for the first free time. But that ended up being the best growing experience for them--letting them be in charge of what they were doing does that(in groups of course). Their bright eyes when they came back and the stories they told were priceless. If you are going on this trip, here are a few tips. Bring comfortable walking shoes. As our tour director said, "if you want to see it, you have to walk". We saw so much (walked 9 miles one day)! Also bring things that can help you cool down in the hot sun if you go in the summer. My personal battery operated fan that I hung around my neck and the cool down towels were life savers. They don't believe in efficient air conditioners in those countries. Thank heavens our bus's air conditioner worked wonderfully. Do some research. We only had one day in Florence and found out in our research that the major attractions that were not on our itinerary always have lines. I didn't want to wait in lines for our free time, so with the help of our tour director we scheduled the attractions we wanted ahead of time online, and during our free time we had tickets that skipped the line for climbing the Duomo and seeing Michelangelo's David at the Accademia. There is not enough time to see and do everything you want. Just remember that they plan these trips to hit the highlights so that when you come back you will have an idea of what you want to do, and trust me---you will want to come back. I love to travel and sharing that with students was so fun.
    StorySeeker / Group leader
    Pendleton, Oregon / Posted on August 16, 2019
  • Great Experience!

    I believe that if someone has the means to take this trip that they should. It was an amazing experience as a high school student and helped me learn how to be on my own with still having people around me. Overall, it was an amazing trip that should be continued for other kids.
    Bean22 / Student traveller
    San Diego, California / Posted on August 01, 2019
  • Incredible Experience

    Our Guide was PHENOMENAL! Steph was amazing at helping us squeeze in more stops and with her critical familiarity of Italy and Greece we couldn't have been in better hands! The local guides were so knowledgeable it enhanced the experience and made the places come alive!
    SummerFun / Adult traveller
    Queen Creek, AZ / Posted on August 01, 2019
  • Amazing Experience

    It was worth all the money. I got a chance to see so much. I wasn't to thrilled of all the food and that could be a cultural thing. I learned so much and did a lot of walking especially inclined. I couldn't wait to travel again.
    Firsttimebevusedpp18 / Adult traveller
    Detroit, Michigan / Posted on July 30, 2019
  • Incredible Trip!

    From the moment we were greeted at the airport in Rome till we were dropped off at the airport in Athens, we were supported, loved on, and guided by the VERY best guides. We always felt safe, even when we were encouraged to explore on our own. The destination stops were fantastic, the hotels we stayed in were very good, and the food we were served was fantastic. This trip was an experience I definitely hope to repeat!
    wynnsm / Adult traveller
    Jackson, TN / Posted on July 30, 2019
  • Once in a lifetime experience

    This trip was everything I imagine and more! I am blessed that I got to go on such an amazing trip! It was very organized and the tour directors from EF were so professional and kind!! The only thing I would’ve changed about this trip is more food options at dinner. This tour definitely lets you get your steps in as I average almost 7 miles a day! There is lots of free time to do shopping and visit things you would like to see on your own!
    Buggk5 / Student traveller
    Osceola Mills, Pa / Posted on July 29, 2019
  • Just ok

    We recently returned from EF your trip to Italy and Greece. I was a little disappointed in some aspects of our trip. In Italy, we saw the same sights 3 times. The accommodations were also a bit lacking. 2 of the places we stayed had issues with ants. I wish we had the option to stay closer to the cities we were in so some touring could be done on our own. We didn’t get to see any of the small, beautiful churches instead we had 2 days where shopping was done. There also was very few choices in dining for dinner and very little fruit provided. This is peek season for fruit so should have been abundant. I think they could have allowed the kids to do a beach day in Greece as supposed to yet another shopping day. Disappointed in that
    Pearly0220 / Adult traveller
    Philipsburg Pa / Posted on July 27, 2019
  • Wonderful Trip

    The overall trip was amazing. Italy is beautiful! We enjoyed the sites in Rome and loved visiting the Vatican although we wished for more time. Florence was such a pretty city and we could have spent at least 2 more days there, but we also got to see Pisa, and the leaning tower and got a short stop in San Marino! Highly recommend San Marino! The ferry lacked in quality and cleanliness. Greece was so interesting with all the ruins! Our flight home was delayed and Delta Airlines was lacking in customer service, however after a 20 hour delay we finally got home. Our tour guide was wonderful! He was smart, knowledgeable and so helpful! The overall trip was wonderful!
    1250212 / Adult traveller
    Missouri / Posted on July 23, 2019
  • Don't go if you have dietary needs!

    I am vegan and was told that there was no problem with accommodating my dietary needs. If an apple and a water bottle is breakfast that can fuel you for a day where you walk 25,000 steps then yes, they did accommodate me. For me, that was not enough. And breakfast was not the only problem -at one of the places we went for dinner they said that EF never notified them that I was vegan and they didn't have anything for me to eat. I was very disappointed in the food situation.

    I felt like we were rushed around from place to place with little or no time on are own. We moved at a very fast pace most of the time and it was during the heat wave when it was 110 degrees and it got to be a lot without breaks.

    The rooming situations were pretty bad as well. My son who is about 6'2 had to room with two other boys that he didn't know -which is fine. But every time they handed out the keys the other boys took them first and went to the room. Most of the hotels had two beds and cot. He always got the cot, which he did not fit on at all. Then my daughter was assigned to a room with girls from another sate -again not a big deal but they were given two beds for four people that didn't know each other and expected to sleep in a bed with them. I think that is not okay.

    The one good thing about the trip was the tour guide. She was wonderful, caring, personable, and fun.
    Raeann / Adult traveller
    Ohio / Posted on July 22, 2019
  • Best Experience of my Life

    The EF tour of Italy and Greece was beyond amazing. I enjoyed every single day and wouldn’t trade it for the world. The amount of tours done, sites seen and experiences had reached beyond any possible price point. The tour guide was amazing and never left the group disappointed. My expectations were met, exceeded and then some. This trip was easily one of the best things I’d ever done.
    Willalex07 / Student traveller
    Charlotte, North Carolina / Posted on July 18, 2019