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150 European Showcase
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  1. Life Changing Experinece

    This was such a wonderful, educational and fun trip. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and interesting and fun person. We were able to see so much! I would recommend this trip to all students and adults. I am looking forward to going on another trip.
    1HappyNana / Adult traveller
    Herndon, VA / Posted on August 02, 2018
  2. Trip of a lifetime

    Words can not express how wonderful this trip was for our group. We fell in love with our tour guide,which was reciprocal. During the trip she gave the students several educational tasks to bring their short term memories into their long term memories. She went above and beyond to make sure everyone was learning while having fun. This, by far, was my absolute FAVORITE tour, because of our tour guide! We also felt so safe because EF was looking out for us. For example, they wouldn't allow us to go to Turkey. Instead, they had the cruise ship drop us off at Samos where we spent 8 hours. It ended up being a highlight of the trip! It's Pythagorus's birthplace! The one negative experience was with our first bus driver. He cussed out our tour guide and threatened to leave us at a rest stop. The kids were very frightened and upset. We were then given the absolute BEST bus drivers for the remainder of the trip. That's one thing about EF; if something is wrong, they always do their best to fix it. THANK YOU!
    Pxcardi / Group leader
    Fresno, CA / Posted on August 04, 2016
  3. Journey back through history

    I have done this trip for the third time. What I love about it is the way the journey from country to country mirrors the spread and development of Western Civilization. Students also learn to acclimate to Europe by starting with an English speaking country. And just when the feel like they've had enough of urban Paris, we arrive in Switzerland with all it's natural beauty. When they are finally full of museums and monuments in Italy and Greece, we enjoyed the relaxation of the cruise ship to sample the Greek islands. You see the best of Europe, and when you get home and look at your pictures, you won't believe all the beauty you beheld!
    Gfactor / Group leader
    Sacramento, CA / Posted on July 14, 2016
  4. Life Changing Expeirence

    This trip I would beyond highly recommend to anyone of any age. First trip to Europe I went June 2017 , I have been on cruises before so this wasn't my first rodeo, every part of the trip was amazing. I was worried that my parents not being with me could hinder my experience, not the case at all. Quickly made life long friends that I still currently keep in contact with. The entire trip was filled with sense of security, never once were we worried about the tour or our belongings. This trip changed my entire outlook on life as a freshman transitioning to a sophmore, and let me grow into my own person as I travelled the world. From day 1, the Louvre, to the Alps in Switzerland to the Greek evening at day 21, every moment of the trip was AMAZING! I was so pleased with my experience, I had my father enroll me and my sister on this years trip to Europe 2019. I will continue to go through EF as every want was accomploished. Extremely pleased. Would ABSOLUTELY recommend this trip for anyone of any age!!
    GJ02157 / Student traveller
    North Fort Myers, Florida / Posted on May 14, 2019

    Our EF Tour director was AMAZING!!! He made our trip perfect!
    Mommaof6 / Adult traveller
    Dayton, Ohio / Posted on February 22, 2019
  6. Trip of a lifetime

    This was the most incredible trip I've ever taken in my life.
    Our Tour Director, made it so special. It was a whirlwind but fascinating to see all those different places. I will remember it forever. Some of the hotels were a little rustic, but overall the accommodations were good. Some of the restaurants rushed us through our meals. But the food was good overall.
    Wendall / Adult traveller
    Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio / Posted on August 02, 2018
  7. Great time!

    I had a great time, my tour guide was awesome.
    AngelArel / Student traveller
    Chicago, IL. / Posted on July 22, 2018
  8. Amazing trip!

    This trip was the best way to experience Europe for the first time! I had an amazing time!
    hc23 / Adult traveller
    Oregon / Posted on July 17, 2018
  9. Hurry up and wait

    Overall thr trip was fantastic. Saw so much in a short time. We spent a lot of time waiting for the bus and our guide to get tickets for our tours. Felt extremely rushed in the museums and did not get much time to see everything since we ran out of time. Food was ok, pretty bland and may be that way for the kids. Hotels are small and showers are TINY! Switzerland and Greece were my favorite.
    Waiting / Adult traveller
    California / Posted on July 15, 2018
  10. Awesome trip

    Would have given 5 stars but many times the tour buses arrived late which shortened time at location. It was still an amazing experience.
    Chicalinas / Student traveller
    Chicago, Il / Posted on July 11, 2018

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