• Bad

    They pick bad places to stay and the food places were not very good. One of the hotels were dirty and very nasty. Nobody would sleep because it was scary. Tour guide wasn’t a good one. Definitely would go with a different tour company.
    / Student traveller
    Posted on April 06, 2019
  • England Great-- Paris not so much

    England was great. Paris, I could have done without. I thought the food choices for dinner would have been more local foods instead of stuff I could get back in the states. Tour director was a crazy fast person. She could have slowed down her pace a bit -- I didn't know I was competing in speed walking.
    Zebra89 / Adult traveller
    Rochester, Indiana / Posted on April 06, 2019
  • Europe tour

    The experience was great. The tour guide and bus driver not great! Tour guide would just take us to some attractions and leave! No history or anything about the place! The bus driver almost made us miss our flight home by arriving to pick us up late! Not an educational tour at all mostly left to roam around and do what ever!
    Dodo / Parent
    Rochester In / Posted on April 06, 2019
  • Had a wonderful time!

    I loved all the sites, hotels were great and we loved our guide! I wasn't as much of a fan of the food because I don't care for Asian food much, but I know I was mostly the exception. I would like to have had more English food for the full cultural experience. I have already enrolled in another trip for next year!
    QuahTravler / Adult traveller
    Tahlequah, Ok / Posted on March 29, 2019
  • Fun but over priced!!!!

    To be honest I had an amazing time and met some amazing people thanks to you guys. Like our tour guide and the two other groups we were with. We all really bonded together. But first off I gotta say if we’re gonna be paying $4,000-$5,000 for a trip the food should’ve been a little better. Our first night we had a chicken patty and mashed potatoes. Everyone wished we could have at least 1 or 2 choices. There’s was a few other small things but overall the trip was amazing and we got to see place we probably never would’ve if we went alone.
    KGHD269 / Student traveller
    Hilo,HI / Posted on March 28, 2019
  • Wonderful

    The experience was great. We got to experience true British weather, and the sights were amazing!
    Joyful1180 / Adult traveller
    Collinsville, MS / Posted on March 15, 2019
  • Good Experience

    It was very fast-paced. Other than that, I had a fun time. I really just didn't get enough time to get souvenirs or fully explore anywhere we went.
    GhostCatPirate / Student traveller
    Greenville, SC / Posted on July 16, 2018
  • Great experience

    Our Tour Director Nina Smith was amazing and kept our 30 person group on track. The downside was our flight. United is probably the worst airlines to deal with. No IP address to retrieve movies from our phone on an international flight (yes, no personal TVs). Food ordered 48 hours in advance was not available and the attendant told me to wait until all were served to see if anything was available. Rude service.

    The tour and hotel accomodations were very nice. All the trip events were wonderful. We had a terrific bus driver navigating the crazy narrow streets of England.

    Food choices in the evening could have been better. Indian food is not a popular choice for American kids. Fish and chips is a better choice.

    I would like to have a say in the choice of flights for staying later. I would have gladly paid more to get a better flight. Two stops was too much for my family of 5. We were flying over 24 hours by the time we reached our touch down in Los Angeles.
    FormerFlynn / Adult traveller
    Corona California / Posted on July 14, 2018
  • Great experience

    Hotels to far out- spent too much time getting to/from hotel to sites
    Switched hotels too many times
    Food - not great; spent too much time getting to dinner location and food not that good. Cut cost of dinner and let eat on own like lunch. Our group ordered pizza after 3 meals
    Need more time at sites
    Good over view of London;
    Great tour guide
    Travelgirl123 / Adult traveller
    Asheville NC / Posted on June 28, 2018
  • amazing trip!

    our daughter had the most amazing time on her EF tour. she is ready to depart on the next! cant wait for her to get to go again! thank you so much for this awesome experience!
    browntown / Student traveller
    asheville, NC / Posted on June 27, 2018